We’ve written on many occasion about how important it is for consultants to understand how to use their recruitment CRM. After all, what’s the point in implementing a new recruitment platform which people don’t use effectively?

Well we offer a number of free and paid for resources and here are just four free resources you can use to expand your knowledge of itris 9 recruitment software to ensure you really do know your onions.


Of course the best way to up your itris 9 game is by delving into the Knowledgebase. With hundreds of articles and videos of the highest quality there to guide you and teach you absolutely everything you need to know about itris 9, you’ll be a whizz before you know it. There’s also a page for FAQs to make life even easier as well as Release Notes so you never miss a thing when it comes to new functionality.


Who doesn’t love learning the odd tip and trick? Every month, we send out a ‘User Tips’ email to give itris 9 users some extra info to encourage them to use the system more efficiently and teach them about the different ways in which they can use certain features. We thoroughly recommend everyone signing up to this through the link on the Knowledgebase homepage.

Our Blog

Although our blog provides information on all things recruitment from calling candidates to job boards, there’s also content focused on itris 9 and our partners. Find out what itris 9 features can help you work from home or why you should integrate with our partner, FireText.

No-Nonsense Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Software

You know how much we pride ourselves on the content we create at itris and our No-Nonsense Guides are no exception. This one in particular is relevant to existing customers and despite being unbiased, it provides some really useful information on how you can get the most out of itris 9. It covers everything from training to resistance and deserves a place in every customer’s arsenal.

With the help of all these resources, you’ll find your knowledge of itris 9 develops in no time at all.