It seems like the majority of us have ended up working from home in 2020. As predicted, this has caused a shift in the functionality we need to stay productive and keep things as ‘normal’ as possible.

With more and more users adopting itris 9’s recruitment CRM and another lockdown looming, we thought it would be handy to share with you a few of the features which can make working from home a Doddle.

Hybrid cloud

Cloud is probably the most sought after software delivery model in the UK right now but you can understand why, right? Despite how popular cloud software is, it does have its downsides too which is why itris 9 is built on a hybrid cloud model which combines the benefits of both cloud and server-based technology. Having your data stored in the cloud is a complete essential when you need to access your data at any time from the comfort of your own home.


Our latest release has brought our customers Community, a very exciting addition to itris 9. This will be the go to place for all things communication and collaboration to make everyone’s lives way easier when working remotely. It provides you with a shared community feed, notice board and Twitter feed to keep you in the loop with important information and company news. You can share photos, announcements and web links and even recommend records to your colleagues rather than having to pick up the phone or email them instead. Community will prove particularly useful when sharing Covid-19 updates too.

Saved searches

Being able to save searches against jobs once again removes the need for unnecessary communication with colleagues as it effectively allows you to share your search with other users. For example, you may have a list of applicants that need qualifying for a job and instead of having to export the list and send it to a colleague, you can just save the search against the job for them to pick and work through.


It’s all too easy to feel demotivated when you’re working from home and don’t have the buzz of your team around you. Dashboards can really come into play for encouraging a little competition and to give you that kick up the derrière when your stats are staring you in the face. Having view of the potential value of your live jobs might just give you that boost of motivation you didn’t know you needed.

These itris 9 features should make things slightly easier for you when you’re next working from home, although, we are still working on its ability to make coffee!