In the current recruitment market, considering ways in which you can boost your hiring efforts is extremely important. Especially if you want to attract the best candidates to your roles.

When it comes to filling your vacancies, there’s a number of different tools you can use. From recruitment software provided by the likes of itris, to job boards like CV-Library. Better still, a combination of the two can be hugely beneficial.

In this article, we’ll explain the five ways you can boost your hiring efforts by using a job board, ensuring you find the right talent for your jobs.

Search for candidates

One of the main benefits of using a job board is the access you’ll have to its extensive CV database. Nowadays, there’s more pressure on employers to target passive candidates and CV search can help massively with this.

In fact, with filters enabling you to search by industry, location, keyword, salary and so on, you can ensure that you’re matched with only the most relevant individuals based on your requirements.

What’s more, most platforms will enable you to save these searches so you can go back to them later. You can even set up alerts that will email you when relevant candidates register their CV based on the criteria you’ve set and may even update your ATS.

Advertise live jobs

Another key benefit of using a job board is the ability to advertise your roles. In most cases, your vacancy will be live for up to 28 days and there’s further options which allow you to add extra branding to your postings.

As well as this, you can integrate your job board with other software you’re using, such as an applicant tracking system, so you can manage all of your applications in one place.

It’s important to be able to showcase your vacancies as much as possible and job boards are a great tool for doing so.

Showcase your brand

In addition to the above, more and more companies are now focusing on their employer brand, in a bid to boost their hiring efforts. Job boards have recognised this and provide plenty of innovative products which can really showcase your company and what it’s like to work for you.

For example, branded HTML emails can target the most relevant candidates and bespoke designed company profile pages can act as a branded hub for all your vacancies.

The potential to upgrade your listings and purchase additional products can make all the difference to your hiring efforts.

Gain insights

With any tool you invest in, having the ability to gain insights into what’s working well is really beneficial. Most job boards will provide weekly or monthly reports, giving a clear overview of the number of clicks and applications your jobs are getting.

This enables you to make tweaks where necessary. For example, if your conversion rate isn’t great, it could suggest that you need to change up some parts of your application process.

What’s more, some job boards may even have their own unique insights. At CV-Library, we provide every client with a dedicated account manager and customer service representative who help with the day-to-day running of the account.

This includes giving advice to customers on how they can tweak their job advert to boost applications, as well as help with Boolean searching to get the best results.

Save hiring time

Alongside all these benefits, the overall redeeming quality of a job board is the time it can save you when hiring. As mentioned earlier, email alerts can let you know when a relevant candidate signs up, while advertising your jobs means you can sit back and watch the applications roll in.

In today’s hiring game, being more efficient with your recruitment process is extremely important, so look for the tools that enable you to boost your time to hire.

Ready to boost your hiring efforts?

No matter what recruitment tool you use, ensuring that you understand the benefits of using it is extremely important. Take the time to look into what job boards offer and how you can get the most out of the relationships.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that you truly boost your hiring efforts and improve your chances of connecting with the very best candidates.

Written by: Augusta Henning

Augusta is PR Manager for CV-Library and has been writing about career related topics for over six years. She has a passion for communication and enjoys creating all sorts of content for her employer.