The need for flexibility and mobile is ever-increasing, especially given what’s going on in the world right now. Fortunately for itris 9 users, our brand new FireText integration enables you to engage and interact with all record types through two-way SMS communication. They have been the partner of choice for many of our customers over the last six years and it is of no surprise that they are the UK’s top-rated SMS company.

SMS has become an essential integration for the best recruitment CRMs and you can’t argue with the  below five benefits!

Speed things up

First off, being able to simply send an SMS to your contacts or candidates directly from itris 9 can save your consultants time and increase the speed at which positions are filled. The days of having to keep ringing through to someone’s voicemail or wait for them to reply to your email are long gone! You can also save time by bulk messaging your candidates about a new job rather than individually messaging or emailing them.

Reach candidates easier

It goes without saying that everyone texts these days. Checking your phone and texting has become so natural to us that it makes sense to utilise this channel of communication.

Depending on the industry you recruit for, you may find it tricky at times to get through to your candidates. For example, if you recruit in the construction sector, workers are less likely to respond to a call or email when they’re onsite so the best way of communicating any shift changes or new jobs is via a quick text.

Improve relationships

Having the ability to quickly send messages and reach your candidates at any time from any location makes you appear like you’re always on the ball. People can get frustrated when there is a lack of communication from recruiters or people in general so being responsive and efficient can really help improve the relationships you have with clients and candidates.

Texting is discreet

For those times where a candidate is looking for another job but their employer doesn’t know or maybe it’s just not the right setting to pick up the phone, SMS is the perfect way to discreetly update or notify candidates about new opportunities.


With FireText’s reporting tools, you have the ability to track links and view and download delivery reports. These stats can help you improve and analyse previous campaigns you have sent out and also find out who has clicked what, indicating which candidates are interested in certain jobs.

With all these reasons in mind AND the fact FireText are offering 200 free credits to anyone that signs up in November (when they reference this blog post), it seems like a no brainer to make the most of the integration!