Recruitment Industry Whitepapers

These recruitment industry whitepapers have been deigned to offer guidance to recruiters and staffing professionals when reviewing, implementing, and getting the most out of their new or existing recruitment software or CRM. Information has been designed to assist readers in a visually pleasing way and focusses on solving the many problems recruitment and staffing agencies face when selecting recruitment CRM software and the change management process that follows.

Reviewing Recruitment Software

The recruitment software landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years with a number of mergers, acquisitions and liquidations. As a result, many suppliers now offer multiple solutions which can be confusing.

This no-nonsense guide to reviewing recruitment software whitepaper includes industry advice on; What Actually Is Recruitment Software? Why Are You Reviewing? Can You Change Suppliers? What Is Your Strategy? What Are Your Requirements? What Suppliers Will You Look At? How Should You Conduct Demonstrations? What About Subscriptions and Cost? Will You Need A Data Migration? Will You Need Training? What’s Your Final Decision? What’s Next?

Implementing Recruitment Software

Implementing new recruitment software can be a very complex and time-consuming task. Most recruitment companies will only experience this every few years and for some, only once or twice in their lifetime. It can be overwhelming for everyone involved and is often underestimated by the majority of recruitment and staffing businesses.

This no-nonsense guide to implementing recruitment software industry whitepaper includes advice on; The A Team, Getting to Know You, Get Ready to Kick Off, Data Migrations, Installation, Configuration, Training, User Acceptance, Go Live Day, Feedback, Support and ROI.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Software

Now you’ve reviewed and implemented your recruitment software, you would hope that things look after themselves. Users have been trained, data has been migrated and processes should’ve already improved so what more is there to tackle?

Getting the most out of your recruitment software is an ongoing process and you must continue to monitor both its performance and your users to ensure it’s benefiting the business. This can be achieved using a combination of continual testing, training and user management, all of which are covered in this whitepaper.

This no-nonsense guide to getting the most out of your recruitment software industry whitepaper includes advice on; Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail, The Decision Makers, Content, Software Updates, The Test Database, Ongoing Training, Managing Resistance, Feedback, Development, IT Infrastructure.

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