Recruitment marketing is the process of attracting candidates with the goal of converting them into applicants through the use of brand awareness and other strategies. It can be a tough task in such a saturated industry but with the help of these recruiting marketing tools, you should be able to up your game!


In our last post about recruitment marketing, we spoke about the importance of incorporating social media into your strategy as surprisingly, not every agency uses it to its full potential… Or even at all! There is an abundance of scheduling software available, but Buffer will always be my favourite. It’s simple, intuitive, affordable for individuals or companies and their blog offers some really helpful advice and tips.

Google Analytics

Where would marketers be without Google Analytics? It provides such invaluable data which shows you where to invest your time and effort and it’s completely free! You can use it to find out where your candidates are coming from and help you make an informed decision about whereabouts you should be spending your budget. Maybe one of the job boards you use isn’t directing as much traffic to your website as it should be? Or perhaps you’re receiving so much traffic from organic search that you can afford to remove your ads from Google and use the money elsewhere? There is just so much you can monitor!

Website Grader

Hubspot’s free website grader tool is a relatively new find for me but I think it’s something which so many marketers could benefit from. The concept is simple, it just rates your website on different aspects like performance, mobile responsiveness, SEO and security. It’s quick, straight to the point and gives you a clear overview of what elements of your website you need to improve. If you need finer details about the diagnostics of your website then I’d probably rely on a different tool but this is perfect for the basics.

Screaming Frog

SEO toolkits are an essential to any marketer who wants to know the ins and outs of their website’s architecture. The free version of Screaming Frog is perfect for this, allowing you to crawl up to 500 URLs, generate sitemaps, find and amend broken links, review meta data and page titles and keep track of keywords. It’s a lifesaver if you’re analysing SEO and only takes a couple of minutes to download!

MOZ Local

Moz Local is a little gem! It basically just checks to see what listings you have around the web and can distribute your information around to save you time. It would definitely come in handy for any bigger agencies with multiple offices!

There are so many more recruitment marketing tools out there but these are just a few of our current favourites. Some of them can even integrate with your recruitment CRM!