You could have the best recruitment software in the whole wide world but if your staff don’t use it then it’s not going to achieve its full potential. For you to really maximise return on investment, everyone should be using it in the same way otherwise you risk wasting a tonne of money on a redundant system. Understandably, it can be challenging for some companies to implement a brand new CRM and tackle resistance amongst employees but without getting everyone on board, it can be damaging to company culture and negatively affect revenue.


Can you imagine how difficult it would be to navigate a brand new system without an ounce of training? No matter how intuitive the software may be, the most important thing you can do is provide them with training.

You may find that your consultants not having a deep enough understanding of the software and its capabilities can lead to a misunderstanding where the business believes that the software is not fulfilling their needs when in actual fact, it’s because it’s not being used correctly. This can be avoided by ensuring that your consultants are equipped with the training materials they need. This can include videos, articles, webinars, induction programmes, online training or face to face sessions. You may even want to consider an internal trainer who becomes the go-to person for all recruitment software related questions.

Explain the benefits

Communication is key to user adoption and informing everyone of the benefits recruitment software can bring to not only the company but for them as well can really help with buy in. If they know about how much it can increase their efficiency and productivity whilst reducing mundane tasks like admin, they will be more inclined to use it properly.

Set targets and rewards

You can use reporting tools to measure targets which should drive consultants to achieve their goals. Incentives will also motivate them to stick to the required usage, continue using the software and reach their targets. To ensure people understand what is expected of them and how they are going to be evaluated, you can make everyone aware that their usage is being monitored in line with the usage requirements. You may even want to offer rewards to the strongest users to show others what the benefits are of understanding and using the system properly.

People can often be driven by competition too so you can incorporate leader boards and internal quizzes into your strategy to encourage user acceptance.

Get everyone onboard

Naturally, if everyone in the company is bought into the new system, it’ll make it a lot easier for future users to adopt it as well. Involving senior management in any training will give them a thorough understanding of the functionality and best practices within the software, even if they are not actually using it which will encourage others to do the same.

These tips should all help you tackle any problems you are facing with user buy-in and any resistance you may face whilst your business adopts new software. But in case you need even more information on how you can get the most out of your recruitment software, you can download our whitepaper.