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The Best Recruitment Software, CRM and ATS

Increase your companies performance through innovative recruitment software features and intelligent user experience with the best recruitment CRM, itris 9.

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Hybrid Cloud Recruiting Technology

Use our unique Hybrid Cloud Recruitment software technology to allow your recruiters the fastest, most reliable recruiting CRM connection available.

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Recruitment Gamification Software

Boost your recruiters productivity and visualise real time data from your recruitment software with our state of the art recruiting CRM gamification Powerboards.

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We offer the Best Cloud Recruitment Software, CRM and Applicant Tracking System to the recruiting & staffing industry.

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itris recruitment software has been developed since 1995 and offers recruitment agencies and in-house recruiters worldwide the best recruitment CRM, applicant tracking software and recruiting tools they need to be successful. Our unrivalled experience in the recruitment and staffing industry, together with the cutting edge technology, ensures that the itris CRM platform is the fastest, most reliable, and best recruitment software available. We give recruiters and agencies the power to unlock their true potential by maximising their efficiency and productivity with innovative software features, easy-to-use CRM functionality, and automated recruitment processes.

Off the shelf, our recruitment software offers a range of functionality, integrations and features to suit a variety of workflows. This includes applicant sourcing, tracking, searching, marketing, as well as compliance, reporting, and the ability to control your own data or tailor the system to suit your recruitment business needs. With our innovative approach to a recruitment CRM, and commitment to customers, we have built a reputation for enhancing business growth and profitability with some of the worlds leading recruitment agencies and brands throughout the recruiting and staffing industry.

As a leading recruitment software, CRM and technology supplier, we recognise the importance of the services we offer alongside our software. We invest heavily in our workforce and resources, enabling us to offer the best support and guidance to our customers through live interactions, training, and a variety of online materials. Including our award-winning recruitment blog, recruitment software knowledgebase, CRM how-to videos, recruitment industry specific social content, and much more. We aim to be the very best recruitment software and CRM supplier across the recruiting & staffing industry.

If you are thinking of reviewing your recruitment software or want to understand how itris can support your business, then get in touch today or book a free, no obligation demonstration.

The Best Recruitment CRM Reporting Tools

itris 9 recruitment software gives its users the ability to interpret complex sets of data easily, analyse KPIs, and key metrics within one Active Business Intelligence User Dashboard. With its easy-to-use, configurable widgets, recruitment consultants can track Live Jobs, CV Submissions, Interviews, Offers, Placements, Rebates, Meetings, Birthdays, and more. Examine high-level CRM data or flip the customisable widgets for more detailed information allowing you to navigate to relevant records. Manage your pipeline and key performance indicators easily with the best recruitment CRM and applicant tracking software.

A Collaborative CRM Software Experience

itris 9 recruitment software has an innovative Community Hub that allows you to bring all levels of employees into one screen to collaboratively connect and instil a true sense of community within your recruitment business. Collaborate with your teams from any location and engage with your staff working remotely on both a social and professional level by posting images, records, files, weblinks, messages and more. From announcements, social events, promotions, or sharing applicants and jobs with colleagues to help increase revenue, itris 9 recruitment software has you covered.

Recruitment Drag & Drop Automation

itris 9 recruitment software allows recruiters to drag and drop candidates through the recruiting process using its state-of-the-art Kanban boards. From applications and shortlists, to sending a CV, interviews, offers, and placement, all at the drag and drop of a mouse. Free your recruitment consultants time with the very best in staffing technology and give them the freedom to easily process their applicants using our automated and user friendly tools. Making placements and increasing efficiency has never been easier with itris 9 recruitment software, applicant tracking and staffing CRM.

Recruitment CRM Software Organisation

Our Recruitment CRM and Applicant Tracking Software allows recruiters and staffing professionals to stay organised and productive within the software application. With 2-way SMS, Microsoft Office, Outlook, DaXtra Parsing, Reporting, Broadbean, and Logic Melon integrations out of the box, the itris 9 recruitment agency CRM is the best software for agencies and staffing professionals worldwide. From mapping out companies using our unique organisation charts, to mass-emailing with customisable templates, itris 9 recruitment software and CRM makes business development effortless.

Financial Tracking Recruitment Software

With itris 9 recruitment software, recruiting and staffing agencies can manage their companies finances easily and efficiently from one easy to use CRM. Our state-of-the art recruitment terms & conditions, rebates management, and a number of financial based reporting tools, allows agencies to view their finances and forecasts in detail. Automatic recruitment fees, splits, rebates, as well as pay and bill information, can allow the recruiter to make informed decisions from within the software, speeding up the recruitment process and offering the best service to their clients and candidates.

Market Leading Business Development

itris 9 recruitment software offers its users and customers the ability to create business development opportunities through innovative CRM features included as standard. From the best recruitment CV marketing tools, to personalised mass communication features such as email templates, this recruitment software saves your recruiters and staffing professionals time and money, whilst ensuring your business looks professional and personable at all times. Ensure consistency and efficiency with itris 9 recruitment software.

The Best Recruitment CRM Compliance

Make your recruitment agency or business compliant with itris 9 recruitment software and reporting tools. Our recruitment CRM allows you to add, track and monitor compliance documentation from within the software, allowing your staff and departments to work seamlessly together. From proof of identification, visa tracking, references, certifications, or qualifications, itris 9 recruitment software is perfect for temporary, contract or permanent agencies, in-house recruiters and staffing professionals no matter where in the world they recruit.

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itris 9 Recruitment Software Reviews

At itris, we strive to offer the very best recruitment software, CRM, ATS, database tools and staffing technology. But don't take our word for it, find out what our customers and users think about our recruiting CRM and the other services we supply them in our latest recruitment software reviews.

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"We implemented itris 9 recruitment software earlier this year to further support our consultant processes and improve our customer management. Not only is the recruitment CRM aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly and intuitive as it reflects the recruitment lifecycle in a more continuous way."

Jim Denning | CEO | LHi Group
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"itris recruitment software has been a great move for us as a business, the ease of use is a breath of fresh air after our previous CRM. The team have been fantastic every step of the way and are always prompt to help with any questions or concerns."

Sarah Richmond | Director | Venatu Recruitment Group
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"We love what they have done with the software and have received very positive feedback from our users. It is intuitive, powerful and the cloud version offers great value for money.I would highly recommend anyone in my network to take a look at itris 9 recruitment software, it really is a different class!"

Adam Nichols | Managing Director | Rosslyn David
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"Implementation was quick and the system is easy to use, alongside the helpful videos and guides. I would recommend the itris CRM to any companies looking for a modern recruitment software with a solid customer service and account management team."

Sam House | Temp Division Manager | Language Matters
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"itris has a modern interface, is pretty intuitive and easy to get to grips with, and being cloud based it has a real advantage for remote working (and not having to worry about backups). It's also pretty useful for marketing and tracking recruitment cycles. I'd recommend it."

John Thatcher | Managing Director | Thatcher Associates
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"The itris CRM is intuitive and easy to navigate, very handy all being on one page with no need to scroll. The drag and drop feature makes life so much easier, especially when populating from a website or LinkedIn"

Beverley Brooks | Founder-Director | The Recruitment Junction
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"itris recruitment software has such a user friendly interface, the range of functionality is great and and the general work flow is ideal for the recruitment process.When wanting new features or additions to the system, the team get right to it and release updates regularly to improve and develop the software."

Janna Connolly | Business Service Manager | LHi Group USA