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Our recruitment CRM software is specifically designed for modern-day recruiting and staffing professionals.

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Cloud Access for Modern Recruiters

With our unique hybrid cloud technology, your recruiters can work from any location.

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Our recruitment CRM has built in AI that can help your recruiters work smarter and faster. Book a demo today!

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Boost your recruiters performance and visualise real-time data from your recruitment CRM with our Powerboards.

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Recruitment CRM Software for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals

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Our recruitment CRM software is specifically designed for modern-day recruiting and staffing professionals, offering advanced features and the best intuitive tools to streamline the hiring process. This cutting-edge solution enhances efficiency and effectiveness, empowering recruiters to manage candidate relationships, track interactions, and optimise the entire recruitment lifecycle from sourcing to onboarding. Ideal for agencies and HR departments, our software ensures a seamless and organised approach to talent acquisition, helping you find and hire the best candidates faster and with greater ease.

Built on the highly scalable, Microsoft SQL, itris offers a wide range of functionality, integrations, and features to suit a variety of recruitment workflows. With our innovative approach to a development and commitment to customers, we have built a reputation for enhancing business growth and profitability with some of the world's leading recruitment agencies and brands.

As a leading recruitment industry supplier, we invest heavily in our workforce and resources, enabling us to offer the best support and guidance to our customers through live interactions, training, and a variety of online materials. If you're looking for a cloud-based recruitment CRM with great support for your business, then itris has got you covered.

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Want easy to understand recruitment CRM data? With itris 9, users can easily interpret complex sets of data, analyse KPIs, and track key metrics within one customizable and easy-to-use dashboard.

With its configurable widgets, recruitment consultants and managers can track a wide range of data, including Live Jobs, CV Submissions, Interviews, Offers, Placements, Rebates, Meetings, Birthdays, and more. With the ability to examine high-level data or flip the widgets for more detailed information, you can navigate to relevant records and manage your pipeline and KPIs with ease.


Looking for a recruitment CRM that connects your remote workers? With itris 9's Community Hub, you can bring your entire team onto one screen, regardless of location, to collaborate, engage and instil a sense of community within your recruitment business.

With the ability to post images, records, files, weblinks, messages, and more, the Community Hub allows you to collaborate with your team on both a social and professional level. Share announcements, social events, promotions, and records to help increase revenue and drive success.


Need a way to streamline your recruitment process and increase efficiency? The itris 9 CRM can help! With it's state-of-the-art Kanban boards, recruiters can easily drag and drop candidates through every stage of the recruiting process, from applications and shortlists to sending CVs, interviews, offers, and placements.

Our cutting-edge staffing software allows you to free up your recruitment consultants' time and easily process applicants using our automated and user-friendly tools. With itris 9, your consusultants can make more placements by simply dragging and dropping their way to success.


itris 9's Recruitment CRM Software is designed to help recruiters and staffing professionals stay organised and productive from within the application.

With out-of-the-box integrations for 2-way SMS, Microsoft Office, DaXtra Parsing, Job Boards, SourceWhale, Open AI, and more, the itris 9 recruitment CRM is the top choice for agencies and staffing professionals around the world. Our unique organisation charts make it easy to map out companies, while our customisable templates allow for mass-emailing with ease. With itris 9, business development has never been more effortless.


The itris 9 recruitment CRM can help you manage your temp workers and compliance documentation from within one system.

Our state-of-the-art reporting tools enable users to effortlessly add, track, and monitor compliance documentation from within the software. With the ability to manage proof of identification, visa tracking, references, certifications, and qualifications, itris 9 ensures that temporary, contract, or permanent agencies, in-house recruiters, and staffing professionals can work together seamlessly no matter where in the world they recruit.


Process timesheets and expenses with ease using itris 9 cloud recruitment CRM.

With timesheet functionality as standard, our platform offers state-of-the-art automated rate calculators based on worker shifts, enabling your recruitment business to save time and money. Real-time updating across pay and bill, reports, and placement records provides clarity and forecasting capabilities for your business. Whether you're a modern-day temp or contract recruiter, itris 9 is the perfect CRM solution for your needs.

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At itris, we understand that choosing the right cloud recruitment CRM is crucial for any business. That's why we've developed a range of cutting-edge tools to help recruiters stay organised and efficient.

But instead of relying solely on our own claims, we invite you to read our latest recruitment CRM reviews from satisfied customers and users.

Recruitment CRM Review 7

"Itris has been Sanderson's CRM partner for over 25 years. Their team is a pleasure to work with, understanding our business goals and aligning with our objectives. They ensure we receive top-notch technology and customer service.."

Adam Meadows | COO | Sanderson Solutions Group
Recruitment CRM Review 2

"The itris 9 CRM has streamlined and simplified our recruitment workflow, freeing up valuable administrative time across all our branches. The system’s advanced search and filtering capabilities have notably accelerated the pre-screening process, resulting in more efficient recruitment practices."

Jade Caldwell-Lloyd | Operations Manager | Vibe Recruitment
Recruitment CRM Review 8

"Prime Appointments have been using itris for well over a decade and have recently transferred across from itris 8 to itris 9. We are delighted with the product & would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new CRM."

Jack O'Brien | Director | Prime Appointments
Recruitment CRM Review 4

"My experience with itris 9 has been excellent. From the initial sales consultation, through to negotiations and data migration, they have been their to support us every step of the way."

Antony Rowe | Director | Atkins Search
Recruitment CRM Review 1

"itris 9 is a great recruitment CRM product that outperforms most of the big name systems that I’ve used previously. The implementation was quick and I was supported throughout. The user interface of itris is very nice, it’s detailed without being too cluttered and shows everything I need on one screen."

Tom Akers | Operations Manager | Pace People