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Cloud Recruitment Software

Unique hybrid platform with flexible storage options and smart access.

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Versatile Recruitment Solution

itris can adapt to suit your individual users and business needs.

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Best Recruitment CRM

Increase performance through innovative functionality and intelligent user experience.

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Powerful Process Automation

Improve efficiency and productivity with configurable automated workflow.

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Our vision is to deliver the best recruitment software which is valued by our customers and recognised for being innovative within the recruitment and staffing industry.

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itris has been developed since 1995 and offers recruiters worldwide the optimum tools they need to be successful. Our unrivalled experience together with industry-leading technology ensures that the itris recruitment CRM is the fastest, most reliable and best recruitment software available. We give recruiters the power to unlock their true potential by maximising their efficiency and productivity.

Off the shelf, our recruitment software offers a range of functionality to suit a variety of workflows and processes, as well as the ability to control your own data and tailor the system to suit your business needs. With our innovative approach to a recruitment CRM and commitment to customers, we have built a reputation for enhancing business growth and profitability throughout the staffing industry.

As a leading recruitment software supplier, we recognise the importance of the services we offer alongside our product. We invest heavily in our workforce and resources, enabling us to offer support and guidance to our customers through live interactions and a variety of online material.

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Graphical Dashboard Analytics

Interpret complex sets of data easily through visual dashboards to analyse KPIs and metrics, helping you monitor the health of your business and specific processes.

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Advanced Searching Capabilities

  • Extensive Criteria

    Utilise an array of in-depth criteria including skills, custom fields, employment and geolocation searching to find your most suitable records.

  • Limitless Templates

    Make searching more intelligent by creating templates and driving efficiency by standardising searches for all users.

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Social Collaboration Platform

Bring all levels of employees into one engaging social hub to collaboratively connect with other users and instil a true sense of community within your business through your recruitment software.

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"We implemented itris 9 recruitment software earlier this year to further support our consultant processes and improve our customer management. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly and intuitive as it reflects the recruitment lifecycle in a more continuous way."

Jim Denning | CEO | LHi Group
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"itris 9 is an easy to use, intuitive recruitment CRM that has been well received by our consultants. The support team are quick to respond, friendly and knowledgeable."

Stephanie Davison | Managing Director | Meditalent