Just because your agency has recruitment software in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being utilised in the best way possible. And if it’s not being used to its full potential, your ROI will definitely be taking a hit. It goes without saying, this isn’t an ideal situation and can cost you thousands every year. The solution? Assess your use of the software and identify the areas you need to improve. After all, if it’s not helping you increase performance, what’s the point of it? Here are four things you may be doing.

Ignoring training

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not providing training for their consultants which can leave them feeling confused and lost when they are presented with a brand new CRM. Although most software suppliers will offer resources such as videos and guides, you will need to provide support for them as well. You’ll also need to make it clear how you want the CRM to be used and what your expectations are to prevent poor quality data entry or misuse of the system.

Using other platforms

The whole point of a recruitment CRM is that it streamlines processes and combines all your needs into one central system. If you still have to dabble in spreadsheets and dive into Outlook every 10 minutes, it’s a sign that you’re not using certain functionality as well as you should be.

Not using reporting and dashboards

One of the best things about using a CRM is having the ability to report on various metrics. It can be a real game changer when it comes to your consultants’ performance if you decide to set targets and act on the data you can see.

Not bothering to educate yourself

Some suppliers offer some pretty useful content in the form of newsletters, webinars, whitepapers, blog posts, videos and podcasts but are you actually using it to educate yourself? Whether it’s tips on improving user buy-in or a guide on how to use certain functionality effectively, you could benefit your business by listening to their advice. After all, they’re the experts.

If this post has made you realise that perhaps you’re not maximising your recruitment software like you should be, a quick download of our No-Nonsense Guide will be able to help.