It’s inevitable when you start a business that you want to keep your costs down but for most recruitment agencies, this is only feasible until a certain point. The point at which you need to implement recruitment software can vary depending on your business and requirements but here are seven common signs it’s time to nab yourself a recruitment CRM.

Your business is growing

If your database is expanding, the figures on the board are increasing and the number of employees is growing then it’s a telling sign that you need to start thinking about investing in recruitment software. Spreadsheets and free CRMs are great to get you going but there comes a point where you need a robust system to propel your business and processes forwards.

You want to improve efficiency

If spreadsheets just aren’t cutting it, your staff are spending too much time on admin and your workflow is long-winded, it’s definitely time for a recruitment CRM. By automating your processes and dramatically reducing administrative tasks, recruiters will have the chance to focus more on business development, building relationships and making placements. And that’s exactly what you want them to be doing, right?

You use multiple applications for different tasks

If you’ve got Outlook, Excel, Word, Chrome, Teams, PSL portals and goodness knows what else open at all times, you seriously need a CRM. Having to use this many applications to do your job makes things difficult to manage and extremely inefficient when you could have it all within one central system. How much easier does that sound?

You’ve got data all over the place

As well as using multiple applications for your work, you might also have data stored in an array of different folders and spreadsheets. This isn’t exactly the most secure way to hold personal data (let’s not forget about GDPR) and it’s not easily accessible or efficient either. Having all your client and candidate data in one database for everyone to see will make finding records, searching for the perfect candidate and ensuring compliance much easier.

You require specific functionality to do your job

It’s not absolutely essential for every recruitment agency to have a CRM in place but if you work in construction, healthcare or other industries which require heavy compliance checks, recruitment software will prove useful. This sort of functionality isn’t available in spreadsheets which means if you want to do your job properly and ensure nurses, teachers, etc. are vetted correctly then you will need to look into CRMs and how they can help.

You want reports

If you want to work as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to drill down into your data and analyse what you find. This is exactly why real-time reports are one of the most popular and useful features of a CRM. With spreadsheets, you’ll struggle to gain insight into your employees’ activity and candidate pool which is vital for understanding how you need to operate as a business and what you could do to increase revenue.

Your consultants are getting annoyed

One of the most telling signs that it’s time to implement software is that your employees are growing frustrated with the programs they currently use. Without an efficient system in place which can reduce admin, help manage their workloads and improve their chances of making placements, they are likely to feel held back which can lead to demotivation and disengagement.

Have you read this blog post thinking it all sounds a bit too familiar? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely in need of a recruitment CRM and a good one at that. Book a demo of itris 9 to find out what it can do for your business and find out why it’s the software of choice for thousands of recruiters.