23 May 2019

How Do You Know It’s Time to Purchase a Recruitment CRM?

It’s 2019 and everything is digital. Technology is at the heart of recruitment and without software, you may find your agency struggling to keep up with your competitors.

We’ve outlined the benefits of implementing a recruitment CRM many times before but the general consensus is that by automating and streamlining your processes, productivity and efficiency will increase.

Recruitment software is critical to the success of agencies and if you don’t have a system in place already, here’s how you know it’s time to take the plunge and purchase a CRM.

There is frustration amongst employees

One of the key indicators that it’s time to invest in a CRM is if your employees are hindered by your current processes. It is likely that without a central hub of information, they could be getting frustrated with the lack of productivity and number of documents they need to keep updated. You’ll need to consider whether they could be recruiting more efficiently with recruitment software in place.

Completing simple tasks is time consuming

You may find your employees are spending a large proportion of their time on admin and tasks that could be made a lot simpler with the help of a CRM. With the ability to automate your processes, everyday duties like sending communications to new candidates, collecting data, parsing CVs and identifying keywords become effortless. In turn, this enables recruiters to spend more time on business development and less time on laborious tasks which a system could do automatically.

You struggle with reporting

It’s so important in any business to utilise reporting and analytics tools and fortunately for recruiters who use a CRM, it’s built in! If you’re using spreadsheets then you may find it hard to generate reports on various activity like CVs sent, placements made, and interviews created which are so easy to access in a CRM. From a manager’s perspective, you can also have clear visibility of KPIs and how your consultants are performing.

You want to grow your business

If you finally think it’s time to start growing your agency, then implementing a CRM should be one of your first steps. You will need a robust system in place that can accommodate your growth and future plans as spreadsheets can only take you so far. Just think about when your talent pool starts to expand, and you have more candidates and clients to keep track of!

If this all sounds a little too familiar and spreadsheets aren’t fulfilling your needs anymore then it’s definitely time to upgrade to a recruitment CRM. There is a substantial number of products available in the market which cater for different needs and at first glance, it can be overwhelming. However, there is a wealth of resources and tips to reviewing recruitment software out there to aid you in your search to find a suitable CRM for your business. It is worth taking full advantage of these as it can be a long and complex process for some agencies, particularly if you’ve never used recruitment software before.

If you’ve read this and think it’s time to purchase recruitment software for your agency, please feel free to get in touch or book a demo!

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