In the recruitment industry, successful businesses are powered by technology. There is a software solution for all of your business’ operations, from payroll services to timesheet portals. At the core is recruitment software, which is seen as a fundamental requirement for any agency, but what are the actual key benefits of using recruitment software?

1. Automates and streamlines the recruitment process by providing a logical user interface that enables recruiters to spend more time on business development and less time on administration.

2. Assists in finding the best candidates with advanced searching capabilities, but also the ability to utilise external job boards and social media channels.

3. Allows recruiters to nurture their talent pool of candidates by giving them quick and easy access to quality CVs accumulated through the database.

4. Automates data collection by receiving applications from a number of sources such as your website and job boards, requiring minimal effort from the recruiter.

5. Automates communication by enabling recruiters to set up email templates and quickly respond to their talent pools with new role information.

6. It is time saving and reduces the time to fill a role through automatic CV importing and parsing/ keywording.

7. Gives management clear visibility of how consultants are performing through KPI reporting.

8. Increases social reach due to its social media integrations, since 78% of candidates use mobile job search apps, and interact on social media.

9. Helps evaluate sourcing strategies by identifying the best performing sources, by providing insights on where the candidates are coming from.

10. Enables recruiters to be more productive on the go, via mobile access.

These unquestionable benefits of using recruitment software could prove crucial to the success of a recruitment business, so they must definitely be taken into account when planning recruitment strategy.