Buying recruitment software is by no means a process to rush. There’s a number of steps you need to complete and this can start with reviewing your current software if you already have a system in place.

If you’re reviewing your current software then there’s plenty of content online to help you. Our whitepaper provides a complete guide to choosing your next CRM and lists the key areas you need to look into to ensure you make the best decision for your business. Combined with this blog post, this is all the information you should ever need when it comes to buying a new system.

A lot will be running through your mind as you become overwhelmed by the CRMs out there, but there are a few questions which you really should be asking yourself before taking the plunge.

Are there specific tasks within the business you would like the system to do?

Your workflow and processes are key to this. Think about how applicants currently register with you, how your jobs are posted to websites or job boards, interview processes, bookings, compliance, AWR, timesheet capture and data transformation to your back office. If necessary, are you willing to change the way you work to accommodate the right system? What parts of the process do you want to automate?

What type of recruitment do you specialise in?

Permanent, Temporary and Contract all have very different workflows. Do you need the system to cater for more than one? If so, is it important that all users have this functionality or is the system configurable per user or type of user? It’s important to remember that different systems focus on different areas of recruitment so it’s worth finding out if there is a system out there that is more specific to your industry sector i.e. medical.

Is their customer service suited to your needs?

Many systems offer some form of technical support but not all will offer support outside of this. This could benefit users on a day to day basis by being able to ask specific questions around workflow, functionality or suggestions. Try and find out what the provider’s response times are, if they run a ticketing system or if you need a single point of contact on your side for this. Don’t be afraid to ask for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and see if they have stats to back it up.

What type of training do you require?

Training comes in all shapes and sizes; face to face, at a training centre, online webinars etc. It is important to think about how the training is delivered and what impact it will have on your business. For example, will all users get trained at the same time? Who will cover the phones? What impact does it have on the day to day running of the business?

What can we afford?

As with anything, recruitment software costs money so there are a few questions to bear in mind when it comes to your budget. Can you afford to move systems? Have you considered the cost of data migration, training and any other cost to the business such as time spent learning? Ensure that the provider is transparent with costs and if they charge for updates. If updates are not included then how much would an update cost? Will you need a new licencing agreement or even a data migration?

Cloud or server based?

Most people nowadays would presume cloud, however, this may not be the right option for you. The technology market is changing rapidly and with more and more rules being introduced on data protection, you need to find out if cloud is the right option for you. If access to your data on the move is important then this is certainly something to consider however there are other options available. Many server based applications offer access on the move via apps. This could work out more cost effective in the long run. The most important thing to ask is “Is my data safe? Where will it be stored? Do they hold any relevant certification (ISO)?”

Once you’ve answered these questions and know exactly what you want then you can make the move on your desired recruitment software. Failing that, just get in touch with us or book a demo and find out what itris can do for you!