17 March 2017

Five Benefits of Online Training

Online training is by far the most popular form of training we deliver at itris and with the increasing need for workplace flexibility, it’s becoming a viable option for most recruiters. Webinars don’t appeal to everyone as they fail to deliver basic things such as communication with both the trainer and other delegates so it is no surprise that online training is gaining popularity.

Helps with knowledge retention

When courses are run over several sessions on consecutive days, it will help you retain the information more, especially through recapping each session. It also means you can easily ask questions at any point and if it’s an open course, you can communicate with the other delegates on your course. Listen to what they have to say and how they use the product, you might be able to learn something else from them.

Cost effective

Online training is by far the most cost effective way of training your consultants. With no need to travel or pay for a whole day of training, as not everyone needs it, it works out as the most affordable option.

No need to travel

With the luxury of completing your session from the comfort of your own desk, you avoid any need to travel which will save you both time and money.

You can refer back to the sessions

When you complete recruitment software training with itris, you will be sent the recording of every session for you to refer back to. This is a handy way of keeping notes as you know exactly what you were taught so you can revisit anything you had trouble grasping the first time. Other training materials can also be downloaded for you to refer to whenever you need.

Familiar work environment

Some people may enjoy the comfort of training from their own desk or office and being able to get back to work straight away.

There are, of course, some downsides to online training as there are with anything. Even though they are interactive, there is no face to face interaction which might not suit everyone and it is less hands-on than a course at a training centre or in your office. You must also rely on internet connectivity which, as we all know, can let us down at the best of times! It depends on your system and you’ll have to check your download speed but generally, any issues can be quickly resolved.

Overall, online training is the perfect way to train your staff without having to step out of the office. For more information on our training courses at itris you can visit our website or email training@itris.co.uk

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