Despite the digital age and online training becoming the go-to form for learning, people still benefit from face to face training and a more hands-on approach. It doesn’t suit everyone’s needs but for a more interactive session where you want to get the most out of it, it’s definitely the best option.

Hands-on learning

Everybody works in different ways and for some, it’s best to learn face to face. These things can’t be helped due to different learning styles but it will help with communication amongst the team and trainer and also help build rapport.

More interactive

When delegates come to the itris recruitment CRM Training Centre, they will be able to see itris demonstrated on a Promethean board which allows the trainer to show more functionality. We also provide individual PCs which means everyone can have a go themselves and if they have questions then it’s easy to communicate to the trainer and show them any troubles you’re having. When training at your own office it’s also important to remember that you can use your own data and itris environment which helps with familiarisation and user buy-in.

Fewer distractions

When you take part in online training, unless you’re in a separate room to the rest of your office, it can be distracting. When you’re having face to face training these distractions can be eliminated and allow you to focus solely on what you’re learning and therefore boost engagement.

Better communication

When training face to face, you can easily ask questions and the trainer will be able to tell when you’re completely happy with what you’ve learnt. Trainers will also be able to identify how you feel through your body language so if you didn’t feel confident enough to say out loud that you didn’t understand, they will still be able to help you.


As with any form of training, there are some downsides to face to face learning. Unless the Trainer/Instructor can come to your office, you may be required to travel which can result in a full day away from your office and may be seen as wasted time. A full day of training can also be intensive and expensive. One of the main benefits of online training which you would miss out on is that with our face to face sessions you do not receive a recording of the session which is normally a huge help to our clients. Online training also helps with knowledge retention as it is completed over a few days whereas face to face training can be completed in one day which means it can be harder to retain the information.

If your company has the money then face to face training is a great option to get everyone engaged and involved in some hands on learning! For more information on our training courses at itris you can visit our training calendar or email Also, if you’re interested in finding out the benefits of online training then please take a look at our blog!