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itris 9 recruitment software offers the best staffing and recruiting specific features out of the box, as standard! Having been developed and perfected since 1995, it is one of the longest standing independent recruitment CRM’s in the recruitment industry to date. With regular and free updates, our itris 9 users get the best and latest in innovative recruitment technology, keeping them at the forefront of their industry.

With unrivalled experience in the recruitment, HR and staffing sector, the itris CRM platform is the fastest, most reliable, and best recruitment software available. It gives recruiters and recruitment agencies the power to unlock their potential by maximising their productivity with innovative software features, easy-to-use CRM functionality, and automated processes.

Off the shelf, our recruitment software offers a range of features to suit many workflows, including applicant tracking, sourcing, marketing, searching, as well as market leading compliance, consent, reporting, and the ability to control your own data either in the cloud or on-premise.

If you are thinking of reviewing your recruitment CRM, ATS, software, or want to understand how itris can support your business, then get in touch today! Want to see itris 9 recruitment software in action, then why not book a demonstration with one of our experts who can tailor a demonstration specific to your vertical and business requirements.

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