08 September 2017

Why Should You Integrate With FireText?

The need for flexibility and mobile is ever-increasing and to cater for this, you can integrate your itris recruitment software with FireText, who provide two-way SMS to help you reach your candidates at any time from any location. We have worked closely with them for six years and they currently stand as one of our popular SMS providers.

As well as being able to easily remind your candidates about interviews or inform them of new opportunities, there are other reasons why you should try the FireText integration.

Speeds up process

By being able to send messages directly from the itris application, it will save consultants a huge amount of time and can increase the speed at which positions are filled. For example, if you recruit in the construction sector, you can quickly communicate any shift changes or new jobs to workers as they are far more likely to respond to a text than an email or call and it will take a lot less time.

You can also save time by bulk messaging your candidates about a new job rather than individually messaging or emailing them.

Everyone texts

Checking your phone and texting comes so naturally to people these days so why not utilise this? It’s a quick and easy way to engage with candidates as it can be accessed at their convenience. Texting also acts as a discreet way of updating or notifying candidates about opportunities who may currently be in another job and not want to answer the phone.

With our two-way integration, you will also be able to record responses and receive instant replies which will appear in the candidate’s record, making them easily accessible.


With FireText’s reporting tools, you have the ability to track links and receive full delivery reports which you can either view or download. Using these statistics will help you improve and analyse the previous campaigns you have sent and also find out who has been clicking through, maybe showing their interest in a specific job.

Utilising the FireText integration will really improve the relationships you have with your candidates. They are also offering 200 free credits to itris customers so if you’re interested, please get in touch by calling 01892 825 820 or emailing hello@itris.co.uk.

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