It’s no secret that emails are the primary source of both internal and external communications in a business. We spend hours on them every day and without integrating your emails with your recruitment CRM, it could be even longer!

Here are some of the main reasons why you should be integrating the two if you’re not already.

Everything in one place

The beauty of integrating your email with your recruitment CRM is that you no longer have to switch between applications on your computer. This also means you won’t have to waste time duplicating data into both systems as it only needs to be in one. Essentially, everything you need is located in one place so you’ll only be running one system rather than two. However, this doesn’t cause any limitations and with itris, you can bring external information such as a CV into your CRM without having to open your emails at all!

Save time

The biggest benefit of integrating your emails and CRM is the amount of time you’ll be able to save. Without having to manually import lists, unsubscribers, contact information and everything else you need, you’ll have much more time for more important tasks.

Document correspondence

It’s so important to document any correspondence with your candidates and clients as you don’t want to miss a thing. Instead of copying and pasting emails into records, the process will be done automatically which saves time and prevents mistakes being made.

Better internal communication

Following on from the previous point, you’ll find that when you have everything in the same place, communication will improve as other employees will be able to see the audit trails/correspondence.

Naturally, different people in the business will need to interact with the same candidate for a number of reasons and with all activity tracked against a record, this will be a simple task to do. Everyone will be able to see what information has already been shared with a candidate or client, preventing the need to bombard them with the same email.

More flexibility

Flexibility is key to recruiters in this day and age and itris’ Outlook integration caters for that need. Diary management is a vital tool and with the help of your CRM, the information from your itris diary will be copied into your Outlook and then, if your phone is connected, it can appear on there too. That way, when you’re out and about, you’ve still got your diary to hand with any important numbers or notes you may need for that all-important call back.

Reduce duplication

When working with both Outlook and your CRM open, it’s extremely likely that you will end up with duplicate data in both systems (as we have already mentioned). For example, you could have different contact numbers in your email contacts to your CRM but how do you know which is the most up to date? Integrating the two gives your company a way to streamline customer data and reduce any errors. Who wants to spend hours copying and pasting information anyway?

Overall, having your emails integrated with your recruitment CRM is a necessity for your business to run more efficiently. You won’t have to worry about duplicates, the risk of errors in the data is greatly reduced and the amount of time you’ll be able to save is huge.

If you’re looking for a two-way integration between Outlook and your recruitment CRM to get the most out of your system then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01892 825 820 or just book a demo!