What Is An ATS?

There are a whole load of acronyms floating around the recruitment software market and it can be confusing at the best of times. A couple of weeks ago we put the record straight about what a recruitment CRM is and this week, it’s time to nail the definition of an ATS.

What actually is an ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System and is software used by recruitment agencies and businesses to manage the recruitment processes from sourcing to placements.

What does an ATS do?

  • Tracks the activity of your applicants/candidates from start to finish (as the name suggests)
  • Enables recruiters to post jobs to job boards, schedule interviews, make offers and move applicants through the pipeline
  • Stores data on applicants, CVs and applications/covering letters
  • Analyses CVs to identify most suitable applicants using criteria set by recruiters or AI in some cases
  • Generates reports based on recruitment data
  • Integrates with other recruitment software products to offer additional functionality

What are the benefits of an ATS?

  • Improves efficiency of recruitment process and provides structure
  • Saves time by identifying suitable applicants automatically
  • Reduces time-to-fill and improves quality of hire
  • Enables you to source applicants more efficiently from your own pool
  • Improves candidate experience and strengthen relationships
  • Gives management clear visibility performance through reports

There are a tonne of applicant tracking systems on the market as well as other options like recruitment CRMs but it’s all about working out which system is best for you and your business. If you need some advice on where to get started if you think it’s time to implement recruitment software, have a read through our guide which explains everything you need to know.