Time management is something a lot of us have problems with and with so many distractions in the workplace now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deal with how you’re spending your time. Here are some tips that should help you control your time and consequently, boost your productivity.

Learn to say no

Just because someone asks you to do something and you feel obliged to help them out, it doesn’t mean you have to. Remember to prioritise your own work before anyone else’s.

If it only takes two minutes, do it now

Instead of putting off small tasks until the end of the day or whenever you have the time, just get it done! Drop off that letter at the front desk or quickly reply to that email otherwise at the end of the day you’ll be lumbered with a tonne of mundane tasks! It will be one less thing to think about later!

Think about what you do have time for

Don’t moan about not having enough time to do something and start thinking about what you could be doing with that time. For example, you may not have time to write an entire blog post in half an hour but you do have time to plan it, find a suitable image and figure out what keywords you’ll use.

Shut your door

If a lot of people drop into your office throughout the day then eliminate the problem by simply shutting your door. It will help you get rid of any distractions and allow you to crack on with your work!

Use tech

It seems obvious, but utilising your recruitment CRM or other tech to automate tasks and speed up processes can save you a stack of manual work and therefore time.

Schedule social media

The likes of Twitter and LinkedIn can be so consuming and can drag your attention away from your priorities. Try scheduling your social media posts so you can avoid those websites when you have other more important work to do.

Use those spare 30-minute slots

Got half an hour free before lunch? Don’t just sit and watch the clock slowly tick past, get cracking on your afternoon tasks. You can surprisingly get a lot done in that amount of time so use it efficiently.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

Everyone needs a break at some point for their mind to re-charge so don’t work yourself silly!

These tips really do help you improve your time management and if you’re looking to increase your productivity as well then take a look at our other blog post. How do you handle your time at work?