No matter what industry you work in or whether you work at all, most people will be looking for ways to make their lives easier. These can be tips like writing a to-do list the night before or keeping your inbox organised or apps which can help you with anything from organisation to time management. We’ve asked our office for their favourite tools for boosting productivity which you can use either on your phone or computer whether you’re in or out of the office.


Some of our teams use Trello internally to keep organised with their tasks, meetings and anything else they need to focus on. You can access it through the internet and as many people can join as you want so it can be a really useful tool for the whole of your company or even just a team as we do at itris. It can save you masses of time by having everything in one place and not needing to keep flicking between emails to find out more information about something. You can also tag people in posts and choose who has access to each board so it’s easy to restrict what people can see.

itris App

Not everyone uses itris recruitment software but for those recruiters who do, it’s well worth downloading our app. It gives you access to your data which allows you to contact applicants and clients, search records, view CVs and add comments on the move. If used in the right way, it can improve your productivity as you will have the ability to do all of this whilst out the office when you’re travelling to a meeting or out of the office.


Most of us would’ve experienced the struggle to try and organise an event for a big group of people such as a meeting, conference call or even a staff party or holiday. Instead of having to read through a hundred messages, Doodle allows you to easily see people’s availability at a glance with no confusion at all. It’s free and works well for small teams or friendship groups so there’s no reason not to give it a try next time you’re trying to organise something!

Email templates

This is a tool that can be very underrated in your Outlook application despite it being able to save you so much time! If you’re continuously sending the same sort of emails to people which require a lot of information then you can make your life much easier by setting up email templates. Then all you’ll have to do is change the name and any other important details that might be included.


If you work closely with social media it can be extremely distracting and you can often find yourself spending quite a while actually posting your content. Buffer is scheduling software which can do that for you and reduce the need to keep going onto your social media and therefore eliminate distractions. It will save you so much time when it comes to scheduling and managing your social media and considering you can get it for free, it’s worth a download.


There is nothing worse than coming across a job description full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, it looks unprofessional and can turn potential candidates off a job. Using a grammar checker like Grammarly will eradicate those mistakes without the need for you to spend time trawling through the content yourself. That means you can use the time you would’ve spent spellchecking a job description or contract completing another task on your to do list, improving your productivity!

With the help of a few of these tools your productivity should improve in no time. Obviously there are other ways which you can increase your productivity but for anyone who loves an app, these are definitely six which you should try out!