If you’ve made it your new year’s resolution to make the most out of your social media, then you’re in the right place. Twitter is such an influential platform for you to connect with your customers and industry influencers on but only if you’re using it in the right way.

Complete your profile

There’s nothing worse than a Twitter account with great content but an unfinished profile. Small details like the theme colour will help with the branding and of course it’s essential to have a clear profile and cover photo.

Follow relevant accounts

If you’re following accounts which have absolutely nothing to do with your business, you will probably end up struggling to engage with them. Instead, fill your feed with relevant content which actually interests you, for example recruitment influencers or recruitment technology. This can easily be done by finding people on lists, searching companies through relevant hashtags and looking through your own followers.

Utilise lists

It’s easy if you follow a large number of people to miss the accounts you care the most about. The way to tackle this problem is to create lists with all your ‘must read’ accounts which will give you another Twitter feed with only their tweets. You won’t miss a thing!

Use the right hashtags

The best way to increase your post reach is to get it noticed, favourited and retweeted. Hashtags will identify your tweets so your target audience can see them (whether they follow you or not), that’s if you’re using the right ones. Hashtagify.me is a great website to help you find out relevant hashtags but try not to use more than two per tweet otherwise your engagement will drop by an average of 17%!

Schedule posts

Scheduling assistants are great to organise all your social media which will enable you to post regularly and stay in people’s feeds. Our favourite is Buffer which also allows you to reschedule posts, making your life a little bit easier!

Use the shortcuts

I think Twitter shortcuts are something most people know about but just don’t use but they’re well worth learning! It will make your life so much easier in the long run! You can find these really easily by selecting ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ from the dropdown menu.

Check out the competition

There’s nothing wrong with having a nosey at what your competitors are doing. Who are they following? What hashtags are they using?

Find the right time

Different audiences will have different times when they are online and posting so it’s helpful to find out through a website like Tweriod when the prime time is to tweet. This way, you’ll be more likely to have people engaging with your posts. According to Buffer, the best times to tweet on weekdays (not including Friday) between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Engage with others

It’s difficult to progress on Twitter without engaging with not only your followers but also other accounts in that industry. Retweeting and favouriting will do the job but you can also ask and answer questions and give your opinion to get recognised more.

Make your content stand out

Shorten links and when possible, use images and videos to attract more attention to your posts. Both will make your content stand out more and when you’re endlessly scrolling through a Twitter feed, you really need something to jump out at you!

Use the search bar properly

People are likely to use the default operator in the search bar which will find everything for every word you entered but there’s a lot more on offer. Make the most out of this little tool and find tweets not including certain words, containing a link and loads of other options. This website will teach you the world of search queries!

Just make sure you follow these tips and you should be reaping the benefits in no time! You can even start putting one of them into practice and tweet us any other tricks you may have!