Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of living a short walk away from work which means a commute awaits us most mornings. However, this doesn’t have to be a waste of time, if you treat it differently then it can get you going for the day and increase your productivity. Believe it or not, it is possible to do something productive on your journey whether you’ve got a traffic jam to sit through or people to push past in the tube station!

1. Get on LinkedIn! This way you’ll get your social media kick but in a much more productive way. Start connecting with professionals in your industry, join groups and read some relevant articles to get your brain into gear for the rest of the day.

2. Start putting together a to-do list which can include tasks for both your work and personal life and order them by priority to ensure you get the most important ones done first.

3. Look at some new tech. Its a great time to look at what recruitment technology is available, there are a number of cool software and apps out there and a tonne of information on their websites.

4. If you’re behind on your favourite TV programme then use this time, providing you’re not driving, to catch up on it. It’s so easy now to download something from Netflix or iTunes to watch on the move.

5. Learn something new! Listen to a podcast or TED talk on a topic you’re interested in where you can gain something from it or download language learning apps. The beauty of audiobooks and podcasts is that you can listen to it when you’re walking, on the train, or in the car.

6. Get some exercise, instead of getting the tube why don’t you walk it or even cycle to work? This way you don’t even particularly need to be doing something else productive as long as you’re getting your exercise in.

7. Check your emails and reply to as many as possible, when you get into the office you’ll have one less thing to do for the day!

8. If you’re struggling to catch enough z’s at night then why not just have a snooze! Don’t miss your stop though!

9. If you read our latest post then you would realise a company blog is a great thing to have so you could use your commuting time efficiently and write a blog post. Draw inspiration from the things around you!

10. Or just simply chill out! Shut your laptop, put your phone on silent and take your earphones out. Calm your mind and relax, it might be the only time of the day you get to!

Even though it’s beneficial to be productive on your commute, don’t spend your entire journey working and if you’re going to be on your phone for a long time you might need a portable charger!