Blogging is massive. Not only have blogs become a place for people to express their opinions, review products or talk about the latest news but now also a trusted source of information. There are some impressive stats out there, courtesy of Hubspot, which show the alarming figure that 67% more leads can be generated by having a blog. If that statistic alone doesn’t encourage you to start a company blog, then these eight reasons should.

Boosts engagement

Not only will blogging increase the opportunity for engagement with customers and prospects but also anyone in the industry who could lead to new contacts. It’s also beneficial to share and interact with other blogs by sharing links on social media and telling them what you thought of their post – start building relationships!

Drives traffic to website

In my opinion, one of the best things about blogging is the amount of traffic it drives to your website. Relevant content (i.e. recruitment CRM) can usually sell itself to the right people, but by sharing it on social media, it allows people to discover you, potentially follow you and click through to your website. Also, if you struggle with finding content for your social media channels then blogging will give you links to continuously share.

Generates more leads

Once you have traffic coming to your blog, you then have the opportunity to convert them to leads and consequently, the more sales you can make. Businesses will find your blog through common interests and, despite most of your content being unbranded, you can still include CTAs which will encourage them to check out your whitepapers, e-books, webinars, etc.

It doesn’t have to cost anything

Anyone can have access to a blogging platform and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Just remember that if you set up your blog on a different platform to your website, the SEO on it won’t contribute to your main company website.

Gains exposure

Blogging will gain exposure and promote brand awareness for your company. It will give you a voice in a crowded market and once your name is out there, you’ll be more likely to generate more inbound links.

There’s potential to become a thought leader in your industry

There’s tonnes of industry experts who started by writing blogs which resonated with the market and it just shows that once you’ve made a name for your blog, people will value your opinion and turn to you for advice. There are now awards dedicated to blogs so there’s always the possibility of getting nominated which is great recognition for your marketing team and authors.


With regular new content being added to your blog, it will do wonders for your SEO and SERP ranking. You can tailor this by using keywords and it’s important to remember that you blog should contain both branded and unbranded content.

It’s a bit of fun

It’s easy to get caught up in blogging but don’t forget it’s a bit of fun and is supposed to be a way of showcasing your personality and building rapport with your readers.

It goes without saying that if you dedicate time to blogging, you will reap the benefits almost immediately. There’s no pressure to just rely on one member of your team to blog, you can lighten the load and get each member to write a blog post each day, week or month; however frequently you like. With some committed time to writing and the right promotion on social media, your blog should be up and going in no time!