09 June 2017

Seven Mistakes People Make When Selecting Recruitment Software

Selecting recruitment software is a process most recruitment agencies have to do at some point. This isn’t something to be rushed as it can increase the likeliness of making mistakes which will have a huge impact on your business.

Not getting to know the company or system

Take the time to get to know both the supplier and their CRM. How long have they been around? Are they financially stable? Do they develop the system themselves or use third party companies to deliver the product/training/support?

Find out what other questions you should ask before you buy recruitment software.

Putting someone in charge who doesn’t have much experience

An increasing number of people with limited knowledge of recruitment are being given the power to select a new system. Generally, these are not the people who actually use the system and may not have much experience around the recruitment process so are they really the best people to be doing the job? It’s more beneficial to get senior recruiters and the management team involved who deal with the recruitment process on a daily basis and have greater expertise. They will also be able to help with user buy-in and are in a position where people are more likely to listen to them.

Not giving a clear idea of what they want the system to do

When dealing with potential software systems, it is important to give the providers as much information as you can for you to get the most out of demonstrations, etc. Map out your process to them and give them enough information so they can tailor the system to you and show you exactly what you want to see. In turn, this will help you to identify early on whether the system will be suitable to your business or not and prevent you from wasting time.

Underestimating costs and timescales

Don’t be naive about how much is involved in the process of reviewing and selecting recruitment software. It can be time consuming and you get what you pay for so be realistic about your budget. You should also be aware of providers who offer free training… Nothing in life is free!

Not utilising all aspects of a system

Even though additional features and integrations may come at a cost, for some businesses they’re well worth it. You may not initially see the benefit of a job board or payroll integration but these things will help you get the most out of your software and it’s important to consider these options.

Don’t ignore training either! It’s easy to say that you’ve used a system before but to ensure maximum ROI, it’s best to get consultants trained so they can start using the system straightaway. Often, systems can be configured very differently depending on the type of recruitment or company, so what you may have used previously may be different to how you want the system to be used now.

Buying with your eyes

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not all about looks. Whilst a system may look flashy, the functionality might not be suitable for your business. Delve a little deeper and look more into the features available rather than just picking the best-looking system out there.

Rushing data migrations

For recruitment agencies who need to migrate data, it will be an extra cost and inevitably take more time. You should be wary of companies who will have a flat fee for a data migration without looking at your data. Don’t just select the system who provides the cheapest data migration costs!

It’s important to bear these mistakes in mind when you’re looking for your next system and not to rush. Selecting recruitment software is a big decision!

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