We all know how much social media plays a part in the world of recruitment but is it the same for all channels? LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are without a doubt the most popular forms of social media used in the recruitment process but what can other contenders like Pinterest offer?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is ultimately an online pin board. It allows you to share and discover images or videos in different collections made by other users. It’s quite simple, if you like someone’s photo and want to share it in one of your own collections you just re-pin it. You can also engage with other content by liking or commenting which is standard for most social media networks these days. It currently claims 200 million users every month and grown nearly 40% since last year (source) so it’s not something which should be completely overlooked in your social media strategy.

Fill out your profile

As with any social media profile, it’s important to fully complete your profile to represent your company or brand in the best way possible. Include your logo, website and a short bio to explain a bit about what you do and what you have to offer. This will often be one of the first things people see when they click on your page so make sure it’s catchy yet informative.

Get creative

To grab people’s attention, your image needs to stand out, otherwise it will be scrolled past again and again. Use your company branding to create the perfect image to represent your brand, culture and also advertise the job! It’s vital you think carefully about who you are targeting and what they will be attracted to.

Start posting

The beauty of Pinterest is that you can create different collections for different topics. For example, you can have one collection for all your job ads which you are posting, one for each industry, one to showcase your company culture and one to share interview, CV, CRM tips or anything else which may be of use to your candidates.

When you start posting on Pinterest, you will have the option to decide which collection you want to post the image into. You can also include a title, link and description to make your pins more informative. Don’t forget you also want to share your contact details so any prospective candidates can get in touch!

Mix it up

Pinterest is based on visuals but that doesn’t mean you have to use the same stock imagery or template for every post. Try mixing it up using infographics and videos to keep your followers engaged and remember to share other people’s content as well to help you build relationships on the platform.

Obviously, Pinterest may not be suitable for every single agency due to the sector they recruit into as well as their company culture. However, for more creative industries such as fashion, graphic design or photography, Pinterest could be just what you need!