I spend a considerable amount of my time each day scrolling through Twitter, interacting with different hashtags, engaging with content, and following new accounts. When doing this, one thing I see a lot of is accounts who only post job ads, nothing else. Why waste such a beneficial and influential platform on just posting the same thing?

Twitter and other social media channels can act as a platform for you to promote brand awareness and engage with the whole recruitment industry whether that’s suppliers, agencies, or influencers. These people are likely to be interested in industry news, company updates and other relevant content rather than continuous streams of job ads appearing in their Twitter feed.

Even though job ads can be posted automatically from your recruitment software, it doesn’t stop you from using a tool like Buffer to schedule a variety of content for the rest of the day. You can share blog posts, recruitment news, fun facts, photos from the office and anything else you can think of to give others an insight into your brand and company culture. This can also make your job ads stand out more when they are mixed in with other content as it doesn’t look the same as its surrounding posts.

A variety of content will also be beneficial to your clients and candidates if you share articles which will be of use to them. For example, CV Library shares helpful insights, career tips and workplace motivation which would be of interest to your candidates so you could retweet their posts. This way, your Twitter will have more of a purpose for your prospects rather than just listing job ads which they could find on your website anyway.

If you don’t share a range of content, your Twitter feed will simply look boring, no matter how you display your job ads. If you want to gain followers then ask yourself, who wants to follow a boring feed? You will also find that Twitter can be a very powerful tool when used in the right way. By eliminating the continuous streams of jobs ads, you should find more people will engage with your content because there is actually something to engage with!