No matter what industry you work in, people are always trying to find hacks to make their lives easier. In recruitment, as well as having a powerful CRM which is an essential tool for automating tasks and managing your workflow, there are other tools and tips to help you with your job, here are six you may find useful.

Hide your connections on LinkedIn

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your network from competitors is hide your connections and who you have recently connected with on LinkedIn so only you can see them. This can easily be done by going into the privacy section of your settings, scrolling down to ‘who can see your connections’ and changing it to only you.


Do you ever struggle to find your contact’s email address? If you do, then try downloading Hunter. It’s a genius Chrome extension which will find you any email address listed on a website and give you the format in case the contact you’re after isn’t listed. For example, it tells you that itris email addresses are formatted as {first}.{last} which would be helpful for anyone trying to find John Smith’s email if he wasn’t listed on our website.

Saved searches

To save you repeating the same search time and time again, with LinkedIn Recruiter you are able to save searches and set up automated alerts when new candidates match your search criteria. To have this luxury, you will have to pay for a Recruiter account but it can be hugely beneficial when it comes to your efficiency.


This isn’t exactly a recruitment specific hack, but I see so many job ads on a daily basis littered with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors which can all be dealt with just by installing Grammarly! The free version is all you need to point out those pesky commas and typos!


We use GoToMeeting ourselves for demonstrations and it’s a handy tool for screen sharing. You don’t even need an account to use it and it’s as simple as sending a customised link! This would be a good platform to use if you want to interview a candidate or you are unable to meet a client in person and want to run through a document or CV with them.


I have banged on about Buffer in the past as my number one choice of social media scheduling software and it’s definitely worth downloading. Social media is an absolute essential in the world of recruitment and can promote your brand, generate leads, help you acquire contact details for a very small price. Buffer will enable you to schedule all your content for different channels and track the results. I also recommend downloading their Chrome extension which allows you to easily add existing tweets and Facebook posts to your queue.

Trying out these hacks and tips could improve your efficiency and performance as well as making your life so much easier! Imagine never having to traipse around the internet again trying to find someone’s email! If you have any hacks then we’d love to know!