There are so many different online channels recruiters should be using, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. However, one which shouldn’t be overlooked is Glassdoor. It benefits both you and your clients in so many ways and just needs a little time invested into it if it’s not already included in your recruitment strategy.

It’s where the jobseekers are

According to Software Advice, just under half of jobseekers use Glassdoor in their job search at some point. That’s a lot of potential candidates who could be interested in what you have to offer! Just like you would naturally post your jobs to Twitter or job boards, you should also be posting them to Glassdoor.

You can post jobs

The second most popular reason people visit Glassdoor is to browse job listings, so it seems short-sighted to not make the most out of that statistic. They offer a variety of options including targeted job ads which isn’t uncommon these days but can have a big impact on the pool of individuals who see the job. Glassdoor even claims that their average applicant-to-hire ratio is around 50:1 which is half of LinkedIn’s and that job postings cost half of the likes of Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder or other Applicant Tracking Systems.

Showcase your company culture

This may be more applicable to your clients but it’s still something that every company on Glassdoor should do. Similarly to Google My Business, you can upload a description and images of company life to give people a better idea of your employer brand. The ability to get along with colleagues, enjoy your working environment and appreciate company values is so important to prospective employees so don’t miss the opportunity to show off your workplace culture.


The beauty of Glassdoor is that it gives you an insight into what your current and former employees think of your company from an honest perspective. It’s essentially free guidance on what you can do to improve your processes, culture, management, benefits scheme or whatever has been poorly reviewed. You can then act on these negatives to improve your employees’ perceptions of the company and therefore encourage more positive reviews.

With such a high percentage of jobseekers using Glassdoor to not only look at reviews but also to browse jobs, it’s a no-brainer that it should be a part of your recruitment strategy. Considering it costs absolutely nothing to utilise their employer centre, it’s worth giving it a go to see how it can benefit your business.