Something which we constantly try to improve at itris recruitment CRM is our employee engagement as two-thirds of employees in the UK say they are not actively engaged at work. This is something we have focused on this last year, as employee engagement can affect staff turnover, absence, customer advocacy and your productivity in the business. Here are Six ways you can engage your employees and motivate disengaged staff.

Staff survey

By creating a survey and sending it out to your employees, you will be able to find out exactly how they feel about aspects of the company which you can improve on and how engaged they already are. It will show that you are listening to them and planning to act on the feedback you receive, giving them a positive outlook on employee voice.


Keep people in the loop by letting them know about any company news or information and let them get involved in decision making. For example, we sent out a survey to everyone to find out where they wanted our Christmas party held which made them feel like their opinion was valued and they were more involved.

Development opportunities

If you offer training courses to your staff and allow them to professionally develop during their working hours then it shows you are supporting them. Development opportunities do not necessarily need to affect your spend as you can encourage them to complete tasks outside of their daily routine and online webinars which don’t cost a thing.

Clearly define your mission, values, and goals

You can create a strategic narrative, making your staff aware of your mission, values, and goals so everyone knows what they’re working towards. This is something that explains the history of your business, its vision for the future and how employees can contribute to this. It has the potential to improve both employee engagement and performance as your leaders empower you to work towards those three objectives.

Team building

One way you can engage your employees and build internal relationships is by providing team building opportunities which can also encourage your staff to socialise. For example, we recently went on a bowling trip to improve communication and encourage co-operation which everyone enjoyed as they were mixed into teams of people they don’t usually work with.

Improve CSR

By improving corporate social responsibility (CSR), your employees will begin to feel proud to work for your company as they see that it is benefiting the community. There is more than just money to business and if people feel happy working for you then it is likely they will feel more engaged.

By sending out a survey to find out exactly what needs to be improved in the company, you can then take the steps needed to engage your employees and enhance performance. If you have any other strategies for increasing employee engagement then we’d love to know, tweet them to us @itris.