If you follow itris recruitment CRM on Twitter or LinkedIn you will know that we regularly share our favourite recruitment articles whether they’re about social media, the latest news or dealing with difficult candidates. There are hundreds of recruitment blogs and magazines out there so it can be a struggle to narrow them down so we’ve done it for you! Here are our four favourite articles so far in June!

How Will GDPR Changes Affect Recruitment?

The GDPR changes coming into effect next May are a hot topic in the recruitment industry at the moment and if you don’t know much about them then you should! Have a read through this post to find out what exactly the changes are and how they will affect recruitment.

Recruitment Marketing: Should Your Consultants Blog?

As a blogger myself, I really enjoyed reading through this post written by Anthony Stretten. c If it’s something you’re interested in, I would thoroughly recommend checking it out to find out more about the recruitment cycle, what you can blog and where you can do it. If you haven’t hopped on the blogging bandwagon yet then it might be useful to read our blog post on why you should have a company blog.

Body Language: Three Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Career

Hunted’s blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites and I imagine this post on body language will be helpful for not only recruiters but everyone! It’s easy to read and gives good examples of how body language can affect your career as well as your candidates.

An Unusual (Yet Obvious) Way to Fix The Skills Gap Issue When Recruiting

This article might not be for everyone but for anyone recruiting in the technology sector, it may prove interesting. Chris Thompson talks about how recruiters can close the technology skills gap by utilising local universities. If technology isn’t your thing, then there’s plenty more articles on Social Talent to read!

Hopefully you enjoy reading through these articles and learn a thing or two from them. If you have any blog posts or articles which you think the recruitment industry would find interesting then please tweet them to us @itris!