The itris 9 recruitment CRM software gives you the ability to analyse and report on your companies most valuable data and statistics. High level analysts, team leaders and even individuals can select, sort, and save their most desirable configurations at different levels across your business. All reports are exportable to the standard CSV format which comes with permission monitoring and control as standard. Reporting is highly advantageous when it comes to businesses being able to pull information from their system. Reports can provide an understanding of potential flaws and opportunities, influence long term management strategies, streamline processes and assist with training and development.

From your Placements, Starters, Finishers, CV Sent, Comments, Interviews, Job and User statistics, off the shelf, itris 9 recruitment software really does make recruitment reporting easy.

Comment reporting can help you follow up on workflow, track progress, and review the quality of comments being added. The Starters and the Finishers Report shows your contract and temporary placements, including the ones you are an owner assignee of ending within the next week and also displays your colleagues’ placements, allowing you to see all applicants finishing their contract and temporary roles. When gathering financial data from the database, the Income Report will provide numerous financial calculations associated with internal placements made within itris. Placements recorded as Did Not Start will not be included. The interviews report allows you to pull interview information from the system and understand which stage the applicants are at. As you can see all consultants data, you can identify any outstanding actions that need to be completed, such as gaining applicant and/or contact feedback. The Jobs Statistic report allows you to report on jobs, submissions against these jobs and by various other criteria such as Work Type, Industry and estimated values. The references report provides the facility for recruiters to obtain a list of their outstanding references and chase them up. Additionally, this report could be useful for management to report on how many references have been requested as well as received by each user, perhaps as a business development strategy.

With over 60 areas of itris that you can report on, User Statistics is the report to keep a close eye on as it will give you an overview of user activity within the recruitment database. Actions include the number of records created, CVs submitted, jobs obtained, comments created and emails sent to name but just a few.

For more reporting, gamification, and analytics, why not check out our Dashboards and Powerboards! Both customisable to your recruitment software reporting needs.

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