Consent Management

ConsentĀ represents the legal and ethical expression of a person’s right to have their self-determination, autonomy and data respected. It is a legal requirement for all businesses including recruitment agencies under article 7 of The GDPR to obtain valid consent. Applicants in particular can often require large amounts of data to be held on them in order to be processed or placed by the recruiter into a new job role, particularly in temporary type roles where compliance and sensitive documentation is required.

itris 9 recruitment software understands the importance of data processing and gaining consent so offers the very best in cloud security and consent management within its CRM. Consent and Marketing Preferences can beĀ  set in the itris 9 CRM against applicant, company and contact records and whether they wish to receive mass communications from you in the form of emails, SMS or postal communications.

Additionally, you can set applicants’ preferences around having their CV Marketed to companies and contacts, and contact’s preferences on receiving Marketed CV’s. These preferences are taken into account at the point of mass communication being attempted of the applicable form and determine if the applicant or contact should be included included or not. This ensures that the recipient only receives the information they have opted in for and those that have opted out are excluded, keeping you compliant.

Additionally, expiry dates can be set on the opt in or opt out against each communication or consent option. For example, you have an applicant that is taking a 6 month contract elsewhere and wants to opt out of receiving mass communications during this time. Or you have a Contact that has a large recruitment project upcoming and so for a short period of time want to opt in to receive Marketed CV’s (where usually they wouldn’t want to).

These Marketing Preferences and consent options are searchable and can be set at record creation or managed after creation in the Consent tab by the recruiter. This is also a feature that can be locked down by permissions, giving only certain people access to change marketing preferences.

itris 9 recruitment software giving you and your recruitment consultants peace of mind.

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