In recruitment, a majority of people will religiously use LinkedIn to search for potential applicants but what about Twitter? Almost 60% of job seekers will use Twitter in their job search so why is it being ignored? It can be an incredible recruiting tool if it is used to its full potential and is much more than just a platform for posting jobs on! Today we discuss how you can use Twitter as a recruiter!

If your recruitment software allows you to post to Twitter then your life will already be made a lot easier. With the automatic posting of new jobs, all you need to worry about tweeting is responses to other people, articles and sharing your companies content.

Having a company Twitter account is essential in this day and age but to expand your reach you can also set up individual accounts which can gain different audiences depending on the content they share. This will also help with brand awareness and getting your name out there. If you’re sharing content that’s relevant to the sector you’re recruiting into, the more likely prospects will engage.

Research your hashtags! Using #Recruiting or #Hiring in every tweet isn’t going to present your jobs to your target market when that’s what a large proportion of recruiters already do. Instead have a look at what your direct competitors are using, use websites like Hashtagify and try testing the waters with new ideas. If you’re recruiting into administrative roles try #AdminJobs or #PAJobs for a change!

If you read one of our recent posts about how you can get the most out of Twitter, then you will know that there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the search bar. It’s a little gem for filtering tweets down to the most specific criteria. Want to find prospects for a PA job in London? Just search “looking for PA job near:”London, England” within:5mi”. There’s your cue to DM anyone interested!

Twitter won’t be the best recruiting tool for everyone, especially if your talent pool aren’t active on it. If that’s the case, Facebook or LinkedIn might be the better option for you to use. Even if you can’t specifically use Twitter to recruit on, it’s a great way for your to engage with your industry!