Gone are the days of only using job boards to advertise new jobs, it’s social media which is increasingly becoming the preferred way of finding a job. Facebook are currently developing and testing job recruitment tools which will allow companies to post their jobs on the social network.

The new feature will essentially allow recruiters to post job ads on Facebook, saving the hassle of continuously posting content on company pages and groups. You can include the salary, any job information and a call-to-action button, ’Apply Now’. Facebook doesn’t stop there though; it can then automatically fill out a job application with your Facebook profile details. Just think how much time recruiters and applicants will be able to save!

Similarly to LinkedIn, companies will be able to target to Facebook users with specific credentials for a fee which will be a huge selling point. Despite LinkedIn providing the same service, Facebook has nearly four times as many users, expanding the recruitment pool that potential candidates can be selected from.

What’s in it for Facebook?

  • Drive more traffic to Facebook
  • Encourage businesses to use the chat feature as applications are sent as messages
  • Engaged users in its network

What’s in it for recruiters?

  • Increase their reach by posting jobs ads on Facebook instead of only using a job board or your ATS
  • Create more applicant traffic directed to your website and jobs
  • Reach a wider range of people with job ads than LinkedIn and target specific credentials
  • Applicants can subscribe to the company’s Facebook page for notifications
  • Increase brand awareness

We can’t wait to hear the update on Facebook’s experiments and find out what other recruitment features could be incorporated. This side of Facebook will bring benefits to not only recruitment agencies but businesses in general and it will be interesting to see how LinkedIn respond to the competition.