What’s the deal with social media platforms pinching each other’s features? Instagram developed their own version of Tik Tok known as Reels and now LinkedIn have jumped on the back of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook’s popular feature, Stories. The amount of content that marketers and social media managers have to keep up with has grown substantially over the last few years and now with the addition of LinkedIn Stories, there’s even more to contend with.

Since LinkedIn Stories is a relatively new feature and we have no idea whether it will flop or thrive, it’s worth giving different types of content a go. What have you got to lose? Here are some LinkedIn Story ideas for recruiters to get you started.

Meet the team

Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit nosey so the idea of meeting the team behind your favourite brands appeals to most people. And the beauty of meet the team stories is that it’s completely up to you whether you create them in video, still or animated format so you can be as creative or simplistic as you like. You may want your employees to introduce themselves in a selfie-style video and then show clips of their favourite hobbies or maybe just show a picture of them followed by a Q&A session afterwards. It’s completely up to you!

What really goes on in the office

Obviously, things are a tad different these days which means not everyone is working in a fun office environment but if you are, you could show off some of your company culture to potential clients and candidates. If you have a Friday quiz then record a timelapse and upload it or simply just share the funny photos that get sent around to staff but never make it onto social media. Use LinkedIn Stories as a means to show you’re not all robots!

Behind the scenes

Similarly to the previous point, LinkedIn Stories can be a great tool for sharing the projects you’re currently working on. For example, as a software provider, we can post sneak previews of our latest release and snippets from our meetings to show our customers what’s around the corner. Have a think about what your clients and candidates would be interested in seeing.

Quick tips

Who doesn’t love a quick tip? But the clue’s in the name, quick tips. Not three-pages-long tips. You could post about anything from interviews to CVs but only time will tell whether you should be mainly posting client or candidate related tips (by checking who’s viewing your stories).

New jobs

LinkedIn Stories provide you with another place to shout about your new jobs but be careful not to post job after job otherwise people will get bored and swipe onto the next person’s story.


This could be a tricky one as it really depends on whether you actually get any FAQs but it’s something simple you could knock up in Canva in no time at all and most importantly, it has the potential to help people.

There will be loads of other content you can post on LinkedIn Stories whether it’s informative like whether your office is open or not, or more laid back like a desk selfie (delfie?). Will that become a thing now? Anyway, it’s up to you whether you use these ideas on your company page or personal profile but let us know how it goes and what content proves most popular!