Something that has recently been gracing our screens has been series 12 of The Apprentice. It’s something that we love to watch for entertainment but also so we can sit there and say what we would do differently! There is so much we can learn from putting our feet up on a Thursday evening so today we explore seven lessons to learn from The Apprentice.

Tell the truth

Candidates on The Apprentice are renowned for fabricating the truth and perhaps it’s a skill they should all add to their impressive (if a little untrue) CVs. Liars are always caught out and even though you might not be followed around by Karren or Claude everyday, you’re still likely to be found out. Honesty is always the best policy!

You need a strong leader

Think about how many Project Managers have been fired throughout all the years of The Apprentice, there’s been quite a lot! It’s vital that in a team, the leader is positive, committed and strong-minded.

Communication is key

A lack of communication will always end up in conflict, so it’s important to make sure you’ve said exactly what you wanted to in an effective way. There have been numerous occasions on The Apprentice when prices have changed through a chain of Chinese whispers and no-one else is to blame except the person who decided the prices!

Don’t be overconfident

Confidence is essential in business but there is a line which you don’t really want to cross. Others may see you in a different light and it might just wind everyone up! In addition to this, you don’t want to over-estimate your abilities or over-promise anything which you can’t deliver on.

Take responsibility for your actions

Many a Project Manager have thrown a teammate under the bus instead of accepting responsibility for the failure of a task. It doesn’t look good and damages your reputation when you cannot admit to what you’ve done and learn from it.

Teamwork is everything

One thing that is evident when watching The Apprentice is even though each candidate is trying to shine individually, they have to pull together as a team to get the job done. Each person will have a role in that team and even if you believe you are capable of doing more, it’s important to stick with it for the good of the team. As we’ve seen on the show before, when people ignore their role it can result in arguments and a bad outcome. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not just being a part of a team which will help you succeed but also by pulling your weight and contributing effectively as well. You wouldn’t want to be described as ‘deadwood’ by Lord Sugar!

Your opinion matters

In business, you need to be able to stick up for yourself and speak your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the boardroom or on a task, if something should be done differently then say so! It also matters what your team think so encourage them to express their opinions, they might notice something that you don’t!

Are there any other lessons you’ve learnt from watching The Apprentice? We’d love to know so don’t forget to tweet us with your ideas!