After a hugely successful Olympic games for Team GB, it’s now the Superhumans’ turn to compete at the Paralympics which kicks off on 7th September. However, instead of just sitting at the pub, drink in hand, shouting at the screen, we could actually be learning a thing or two from them.

So what can businesses learn from the Olympics and Paralympics?

  • It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right support and resources.
  • Communication is everything – between athletes, coaches, team mates, sponsors, referees, spectators and reporters just like in a business between employees, departments, clients, suppliers and partners.
  • Don’t make assumptions about what people can and can’t do.
  • Identify and develop talent within your business through the use of training and encouragement.
  • Perseverance can get you far. Just stick with it and work hard for the results.
  • You need to believe in yourself or your product in order for other people to. If Jessica Ennis didn’t believe that she could win the heptathlon, then it wouldn’t give us any reason to.
  • There’s a great team behind anyone or anything. Not one medal winner would have made it without their coach, physio, team mates or family.
  • Use realistic goals to achieve your target. No athlete will break a world record overnight so it’s important to celebrate the small victories.

With the right support, communication, perseverance and a strong team, see how your business can develop. Try applying these attitudes to staff and your recruitment CRM and hopefully they’ll do the same for you as they did for the likes of Usain Bolt and Simone Biles.