As I recently discovered last week after my most trusted Fiat 500 decided to give up on me, I am completely dependent on my car. Without it, easy things like popping to the shops became a much longer task which required more effort and money.

It sounds similar to a recruitment CRM doesn’t it?

It got us thinking in the office about the similarities of the two, and we realised that CRMs and cars surprisingly have a few things in common.

  • You’re reliant on it working. Just like a car, you need a CRM on a daily basis to do your job and get from A to B. For example, you may need to place someone to reach your target but your recruitment software lets you down just like when you need to get somewhere but your car breaks down.
  • You have the opportunity to test drive. It might not be as thrilling as test driving a car, but you still get the chance to try a CRM before you buy.
  • Before jumping into buying it, you work out your needs and wants. What size engine do you want? What integrations do you require? There’s also the choice of optional extras just like adding a Sat Nav to your car, you can integrate a payroll system into your CRM.
  • Don’t be fooled by a shiny paint job, it’s what inside that really counts. A CRM might look flash but can it actually perform as well as it looks and serve your purpose?
  • There’s a cost to maintaining knowledge. You wouldn’t own a car not knowing how to drive it would you? So why would you use a CRM without knowing how it works? Before driving a car, you need to have driving lessons otherwise it’s pretty useless, similarly to completing training when you implement a new CRM.
  • There’s always support when you need it. If you have any troubles on the road, there’s the AA to save you; if you experience any problems with your CRM, the Support Team are there to give a helping hand.

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