27 October 2017

Four Articles Recruiters Should Read In November

If you follow itris on Twitter or LinkedIn you will know that we regularly share our favourite recruitment articles whether they’re about social media, the latest news or dealing with difficult candidates. There are hundreds of recruitment blogs and magazines out there so it can be a struggle to narrow them down so we’ve done it for you! Here are our four favourite articles from this month!

Why Should You Post More Than Just Job Ads On Twitter?

Twitter is littered with job ads these days and this post explains why there’s so much more to a recruiter’s account than job ads! It can be restricting when trying to gain followers and promote your brand so this will be a good read for anyone trying to do those things.

How To Make Job Adverts Stand Out From The Crowd

Leading on nicely from the previous post we have mentioned, Recruitment Juice are giving everyone a lesson in job ads on their blog. A job advert is so important to both active and passive candidates and it’s essential that you get it right. You now have a list of their top tips to increase the impact you are having!

7 Interview Questions You May Not Have Thought To Ask

There are so many blog posts out there detailing what questions you should and shouldn’t ask candidates in interviews but none quite like Social Talent’s! It’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking to vary the questions you ask in interviews as they would really make someone think on their feet! It engages you from the start and you’ll even find yourself answering the questions by the end of it!

Hiring Overseas Workers? Recruitment Tech Could Be Your New Best Bud

Overseas workers can benefit your business for many reasons and Logic Melon talk in this post about how recruitment technology could massively help with the process of bringing them onboard. If this is something you are looking into then this will act as a guide as to how you can use recruitment tech to your advantage.

If you’ve read through all these and still want to read more then you can take a look at our favourite recruitment articles from September! As always, please share anything you find interesting with us on Twitter @itris.

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