Data is one of your greatest assets as a recruitment agency so it’s only right that a recruitment database sits at the core of your business. itris understand the importance of this which is why our recruitment software gives you the best security and flexibility. It acts as a central repository for applicant, client and contact data with the added bonus of process automation and other recruiting CRM software functionality. With our unique hybrid cloud technology, you’ll also know exactly where your data is stored, giving you peace of mind that it’s held in the most secure of locations.

What is a Recruitment Database?

A recruitment database is a tool used by recruiters to store and manage candidate and job information. It allows them to search and filter data to find suitable candidates for job openings.

It is essentially the raw data structure that sits behind your front end software or CRM platform. It is key to the day to day querying of data and generally stores data in a structured format that can be queried when a user searches or selects data from the front end of the software or CRM interface. It is then displayed in the user interface in a friendly often intuitive way. itris 9 uses the market leading Microsoft SQL database to power its software.

Should I use a Recruitment Database?

This really depends on your business and the type of data you are processing. Many successful recruitment businesses or staffing agencies use a recruitment database like itris 9 to store data securely and efficiently. It enables them to be more organised and effective in the running of their recruitment business and offers them peace of mind that their data is secure, being backed up and stored in a structured format. Recruitment databases are not just for large corporate business. Many start-up businesses and independent recruitment consultants use a recruitment database like itris 9.

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Benefits of Implementing a Recruitment Database

Improve candidate experience

Increase efficiency

Grow your network

Search the right candidates

Place more efficiently

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From Adding To Managing

  • DaXtra Parsing

    Parse multilingual CVs accurately to reduce time spent on manual data entry using built-in DaXtra technology.

  • Record Management

    Utilise an array of in-depth criteria and templates to drive efficiency and find your most suitable records.