Quick and Mass Bookings

When it comes to high-volume recruitment, where the goal is to place multiple applicants into a single job, time is of the essence. Thankfully, the itris 9 Multiple Applicant Placement functionality comes to the rescue, offering a streamlined and efficient approach. By utilising this feature, you can significantly save time, effort, and admin.

The process of making multiple placements is made easy with itris 9. Whether you want to make a placement against an existing job record or use the Quick Place functionality, the system seamlessly handles the task. Instead of creating separate placement records for each applicant individually, itris 9 generates individual placement records for all applicants involved in the multiple placement. This not only speeds up the process but also eliminates the need for extensive administrative work.

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, speed is crucial. itris 9 recognises this and provides its users with a unique capability to swiftly place an applicant into a role without having to create the job first. This distinctive feature empowers your consultants to work at an accelerated pace, enabling them to be highly efficient and responsive.

One of the standout advantages of utilising itris 9’s multiple placement functionality is its ability to alleviate administrative burdens. If you’re not particularly fond of administrative tasks, this tool is a game-changer. It not only expedites your recruitment process but also saves you and your team from the laborious task of creating individual records and spending hours on administrative work each week.

Imagine the time and effort you can save by employing itris 9’s multiple placement feature. Instead of tediously creating separate records for each applicant, you can focus on what truly matters: finding the right candidates for the job. By automating the process and eliminating repetitive tasks, itris 9 empowers your team to allocate their time and energy where it’s most impactful.


Make multiple placements quickly with itris 9 cloud recruitment CRM Software.

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