Organisation Charts

itris 9 recruitment software is a comprehensive and feature-rich platform that offers a range of tools and capabilities designed to help you streamline and optimize your recruitment process. One of the standout features of itris 9 is the unique organisation charts that allows you to visualise your contacts, companies, and deprtments.

The itris 9 organisation charts are an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to view the structure and hierarchy of your clients or prospects. With easy to use controls, filters, and display options, you can quickly and easily see hiring managers, team leaders, and other key contacts. This makes it easy for you to make informed decisions when discussing jobs with a client or prospecting into a new business.

The itris 9 organisation charts also provide a range of views, including expanded or compacted views, which allows you to pan in and out of the canvas. This is perfect for records with a large amount of data and ensures that you can manage a number of data sets from each card as well as assign line managers, new and even archived or archived contact records.

In addition to helping you manage your recruitment process, the itris 9 organisation charts are also an excellent tool for business development. By providing you with insights into the structure and hierarchy of your clients or prospects, you can easily identify who to get in touch with and how to approach them. This is an incredibly powerful way to build relationships and grow your business.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive and feature-rich recruitment software that offers a unique organisation chart feature, look no further than itris 9. With its easy-to-use controls, filters, and display options, and its powerful business development capabilities, itris 9 is the perfect tool for managing your recruitment process and growing your business. Get to know your customers inside out with itris 9 cloud recruitment software.

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