Contact Statistics

itris 9 recruitment software brings the power of reporting into each individual with insightful statistics. The contact stats gives the user a real insight to both the relationship and activity with specific contacts. It offers high level statistics on on CV submissions, Marketed CV’s, Interviews, Offers, Meetings, Jobs, Placements and more. Its unique automatic calculations will show your recruiters the percentage of CV to interviews, Jobs to placements and also the total value of placements made with that specific contact. This allows them to see key information in an easy to understand, visually pleasing way, and make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

They will also find a handy interview and placement feedback area which not only shows feedback given by the specific contact or applicant, but also individual and an overall average star rating with links to related records. Drilling down into detail has never been so easy with itris 9 recruitment CRM software.

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