07 March 2018

​Six Recruitment Blogs You Should Be Reading

If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll know that we recently won the Recruitment Blog of the Year award from UK Recruiter. As a company who not only want to supply the best in recruitment software, we also pride ourselves on providing high-quality content to the industry which comes in the form of our popular whitepapers and now, award-winning blog!

We also like to share our favourite articles from a range of recruitment blogs and news websites every day on social media, some of which we discovered through the awards. These could be anything from top tips for recruiters to more thought-provoking pieces and as we know you enjoy reading them, we thought we’d put together a roundup of our favourite recruitment blogs.


Hunted’s blog is like no other. Written by the infamous Ed Hunter and his team, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. They discuss a wide range of subjects from how to build your self-esteem to how to be more socially engaged in a very humorous and engaging way which you can’t help but send around to your colleagues. My favourite post as it stands is ‘The Recruiter’s Phonetic Alphabet’ which I’m sure most recruiters will be able to relate to!

Recruitment Juice

I don’t think the Recruitment Juice blog gets enough credit for how informative and helpful their blog posts are. They are well structured and give you the feeling that you’ve clicked off their page learning something which is no surprise considering the company is a leading recruitment training platform.

Undercover Recruiter

If I ever need a quick fix to find a recruitment article to share on social media, Undercover Recruiter is my go to. Every single one of their posts is worth reading simply down to how relevant and easy to read they are. There’s a ‘trending’ section as well which is handy to see what everyone else is currently reading and always encourages you to click through to other posts.

Social Talent

If you’ve never read Social Talent’s award-winning blog, then it’s time you should. They cover a range of topics including recruitment, technology and sales as well as writing some more light-hearted posts such as ‘what recruiters are thinking during interviews’, which are great for reading in your coffee break!

The Recruitment Network

Similarly to Recruitment Juice, I don’t think The Recruitment Network get enough credit for their frequently updated blog. There’s a mixture of posts varying from them promoting their partners and sponsors to marketing tips to generic recruitment posts. All their blog posts are quite lengthy, so you’ll have to set 10 minutes aside to have a read through but it’s definitely worth it.

Boomerang Funding

The Boomerang Funding blog is a more recent addition to my bookmarks bar but over the last few months, it’s provided me with some really useful content to share with our followers. Most of their posts are written by guest bloggers including the likes of CV Library, Broadbean and Green Umbrella so it’s great to see a variety of content being posted.

There are still dozens of recruitment blogs out there which target both candidates and recruiters themselves, but these are just our pick of the bunch. We’re still interested in finding more though so if you have any suggestions, please tweet them to us!

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