Recruitment has evolved at a dramatic pace over the last 10 years, and recruitment software has had to adapt and evolve with it. The way to look at this question is can a good recruiter be great without recruitment software? There are many key attributes and qualities which can make a good recruiter great, and recruitment software can play a key part in this.

Recruitment is essentially a ‘people business’ and recruitment software, through the automation of administrative processes, enables recruiters to have more valuable time communicating with their candidates. Building and nurturing long-term relationships, gaining their trust and better evaluating their skills and career motivations means that candidates are more likely to share information with recruiters who they feel have invested time in getting to know them.

A good recruiter can identify talent, but a great recruiter can identify talent quickly. In today’s market, a great recruiter will need to be familiar with various social media recruitment strategies. The advanced search capabilities of today’s recruitment software enables recruiters to quickly and accurately identify the best candidates in the market, not only on their database but extending the search to other social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

The recruitment industry is very competitive so a good recruiter needs to be target driven. Recruitment software enables recruiters to stay on top of their targets by giving them clear visibility of their KPIs.

In summary, recruitment software enables a recruiter to be more efficient, productive and profitable and can elevate their skills, making them a great recruiter.