11 November 2016

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and the most important social platform for B2B marketers. So why isn’t everyone utilising this huge opportunity for their business? It seems people are under the impression that LinkedIn is predominantly for professionals and job seekers but there’s a lot more under the surface.

We’ve come up with our top reasons to why your business should be on LinkedIn so you can make the most out of the platform.

Generate leads

LinkedIn is different to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, no Tom, Dick or Harry can just set up an account, it’s for professionals. This means you’re more likely to attract the right people to your business and therefore generate more leads.

Network with your clients

Social media is inevitably one of the best ways of communicating with your clients and building relationships. LinkedIn also allows you to create a network of your professional relationships, giving you the opportunity to engage with them whether that’s through messages or post interactions.

Create brand awareness and drive traffic

We always think of LinkedIn as an extension of our brand and the importance of it showcasing our whole company, not just individuals. Online presence is a huge part of marketing and LinkedIn has a big role to play in that.

Content sharing

Company pages are a great place to promote branded content whether that’s a blog post, whitepaper or event you’re hosting. It allows you to engage with other influencers and participate more in the LinkedIn community, consequently helping with brand awareness.

Improving your SEO

LinkedIn company pages are ranked highly in search engine results pages so updates can improve your performance in the results. This should result in an increase in traffic to your website if the link is included in posts.

With the addition of LinkedIn to your company’s social media accounts, it should be able to help you with all the above! If you have any other reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn then we’d love to know. Feel free to tweet us @itris_UK!

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