Since our last post on our top recruitment blogs went down so well, I thought I’d write another. There are hundreds of websites out there dedicated to providing insightful and valuable content to the recruitment industry so it’s not hard to pick our favourites. Here are six more recruitment blogs you should be reading.

Bubble Jobs

Bubble Jobs’ blog appeals to both recruiters and candidates, so as well as having a read through one of their many posts on your coffee break, you can also share them on social media for your candidates to see. Their posts always have a good structure and don’t take too long to read so they’re ideal if you’ve got a spare five minutes! One of my favourite posts from them which you may have seen us share numerous times is ‘four hidden mistakes why your job ad isn’t working’.

Coburg Banks

This is the first of our clients’ blogs who have made it to the list. Providing weekly posts on anything and everything recruitment related, you really should take the time to check out their blog if you like easy to read and relatable posts.

Social Hire

Despite not often posting, Social Hire have an abundance of useful content mostly written by the very well-known, Tony Restell. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years and uses the site to shed some light and give advice to recruiters who want to use social media in their recruitment strategy.

Recruiter Today

If you follow us on Twitter then you’ll probably be familiar with Recruiter Today’s posts. They share a variety of content from infographics on millennials to thought provoking articles on hiring for diversity. Some of their posts can be quite long but they’re so informative and definitely worth the read!

Logic Melon

Logic Melon’s colourful blog is one you should 100% add to your bookmarks bar. Every blog post is as well written as the one before and I always end up re-reading their content because I enjoy it so much! A couple of my current favourites from the Logic Melon team are ‘five smart ways to avoid being ghosted by candidates’ and ‘nine sure-fire ways to save your brand from negative feedback online’.


Cue our second client of the list, Macildowie! They discuss a huge range of topics from recruitment technology to social media faux pas which are interesting to read whether you’re a recruiter, candidate or just work in the industry in general.

Once you’ve added all of these to your reading list then don’t forget to click back to our previous post on our favourite recruitment blogs to add those too!