For a lot of job seekers, the benefits package you offer at your company might be the deciding factor on whether they would like to work for you or not. The perfect bundle of benefits could be the route to recruiting and retaining talent as 92% of employees indicated that benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction according to a survey by SHRM.

Even though it’s something well worth investing in, it’s not always easy for companies with a smaller budget so we’ve put together a list of six inexpensive benefits which won’t cost you the earth.

Flexible hours

The great thing about giving your employees flexible working hours is that you don’t lose out on anything! Allowing your staff to work through lunch so they can leave an hour early means they are working the same number of hours, but they get the benefit of being able to leave early. This can help increase productivity, employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Relaxed dress code

Obviously, there are times when staff should dress appropriately for meetings, client visits and exhibitions but that doesn’t have to mean every day! It costs absolutely nothing to let your employees come into work in more casual and comfortable attire.

Stock up on snacks

Tea and coffee is pretty much provided in most offices these days but why not have a small budget allocated to snacks as well? You can have a box or vending machine of healthy (and maybe some not so healthy) snacks to keep your staff going!

Team building activities

We’ve spoken on our blog before about the team building activities which we get up to at work. Most of them are done during work hours and give everyone the chance to mix with people they wouldn’t normally talk to, improve communication, get out of the office and have some fun. They don’t have to be expensive or time consuming and can really benefit your staff’s development. Why not try linking something to an internal process or recruitment CRM activity!

Personal and professional development

Giving your employees or recruiters the ability to develop personally and professionally is such an important benefit to both you and them. As a company, you can give them the time and resources to complete online training or travel elsewhere to learn through seminars, workshops and courses. Investing in your workforce can improve your company culture as well as giving your employees the opportunity to advance professionally.

Games room

Give somewhere for your employees to chill out and unwind with a games room kitted out with anything you think would benefit them! Whether that’s a pool table, board games, Xbox or TV, it doesn’t have to cost you much and can be used endlessly by your staff.

As you can see from this list, none of these benefits are overly expensive yet they can all boost job satisfaction and employee retention which is something you should happily invest in!