There are a number of theories and ideas surrounding how how to motivate your recruiters or employees. From pool tables and beer fridges to flexible working and unlimited holiday, we’ve watched many companies over the years try out different methods to engage their employees and drive motivation but is having an area that resembles a sixth form common room really the solution to this age old problem? Here are a handful of ideas for motivating your employees in and outside of the workplace and getting the most out of them.

Reward your employees

There’s nothing more motivating than being rewarded for for your hard work and achievements. Whether it’s a bottle of fizz, a bonus or just a pat on the back from your manager, receiving praise for their efforts can encourage your staff to stay focused and keep working hard. Ensure it is done publicly (in the office or over video conference) so that others can see the benefit of hard work. Remember rewarding too many people is a good problem to have and can be tied into our final point below.

Celebrate milestones

Whether it’s a birthday, a work anniversary or something more personal like a marriage or the birth of a child, it’s important to celebrate it with your employees and show them you care. All it takes is a card signed by the team and a gift voucher to put a smile on their face and make them feel valued. Also, try and encourage and support as many extracurricular activities as you can. Sponsoring every employee that decides to do a 5k, sky dive, or grow/shave bodily hair may seem annoying but these are also milestones and supporting them shows you are interested and care. These are usually for a good cause so can also count towards your CSR strategy.

Make your mission statement clear

If all your employees have a clear idea of the company’s mission, values and goals, they’ll know what they are working towards and striving for. You should also ensure everyone understands the ‘why’ behind day to day tasks by explaining what the benefits are. For example, don’t just send out a staff email asking them to share the most recent post, explain how it will reach more prospective clients and could help increase brand awareness and therefore sales.

Lead by example

As with anything in your business, your managers and senior members of staff need to lead by example. If your employees see them getting involved with team building activities or projects, it is likely to motivate them to do the same. Ensure you have the right leaders in place and this will help drive both motivation and a work hard play hard culture.

Hand over the reins

Restrictive environments can be demotivating when people can’t just crack on with their ideas and need to get the go ahead from numerous people before they can implement them. Try supporting employees’ ideas and giving them full creative control and the autonomy to complete tasks in their own way. Giving your recruiters or employees room to grow will empower them and make them feel trusted and therefore thrive, particularly in the recruitment sector. It is equally as important to ensure they have the aforementioned leaders and managers in place to help support their growth.

Dress to unite

Now we’re not saying force everyone to wear a uniform but it’s the amazing what the power of some branded gear can do for morale. Next time you’re at an event, try out some matching polos or trainers and see if you notice a difference. This wont be everyone’s cup of tea so don’t force it, there will be some that like to feel part of the club, yet others that like their individuality. Both are fine, support their decision to show them their feelings matter.

Give them the tools they need

This seems obvious, but it is amazing how many companies we see missing the mark when it comes to kitting out their employees with what they need. A computer and a phone are obvious, particularly when recruiting, but what about a good reliable recruitment CRM , job posting platforms, enhanced social media such as LinkedIn Recruiter? If you are unsure what they need, don’t be afraid to ask them, again it will help them work more efficiently but also show them that you care. The odd branded water bottle, pen and note book can also go down a treat.

Regular meetings

With the rise of remote working over the last 2 years, many companies have lost their regular meeting patterns, particularly after Covid and the dreaded furlough scheme (shiver). Some people see them as pointless, but this helps drive direction and therefore motivation. Don’t just hold meetings for the sake of it, be clear with all involved on the purpose, the agenda and expected outcomes. From company, team, strategic, and seniority to monthly, quarterly, and new years meetings, get them scheduled, stick to them and even try multiple locations. We tend to find getting everyone together face to face to discuss “where we are going” works wonders.

Show you care

We all love that fuzzy feeling when we feel like our employers care about us so if you want to keep your workforce engaged and motivated, that’s what you need to achieve. Initiatives such as free breakfasts, cycle to work schemes, subsidised gym memberships and wellbeing allowances can go a long way in showing your employees you care and help boost health and wellbeing in and out of the office. Doing a quick internal survey can give a good idea of what people may like. Failing that, I’m sure if you spend 30 seconds scrolling on LinkedIn, you will see what other companies are doing for their staff.

Although it’s a tough time with employees scattered between the office and their homes, it’s as good a time as any to focus on driving motivation and engagement and these ideas will be able to help.